Bread pudding is pretty underrated. An easy potluck item, this dish doesn't require much effort, and it's a total crowd-pleaser. You really can't go wrong with decadent, moist bread that resembles cake. And what's best is that bread pudding works with any type of bread that you might have lying around, from challah to brioche, making it the perfect everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of dish. When you're in need of a quick party-pleasing dessert, try one of these 15 easy bread pudding recipes.

1. Bread Pudding with Prosecco-ed Fruit

To convince all you bread pudding skeptics out there, I had to start this list off with a pop. A pop of champagne, that is. Any recipe that finds a way to incorporate incorporate wine is a surefire winner in my book. Take a boozy brunch to the next level with this dessert bread pudding, which is juicy from fresh berries and zesty from lemon that has been soaked in Prosecco. Double up on bubbles and try this dish with rosé spritzer.

2. Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bread Pudding

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Alison Mally

We all know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal of them all, so why not incorporate that trademark sugary crunch into a decadent and easy bread pudding recipe? Gooey on the inside and crunchy on top, this dish is like a treat from cereal heaven.

3. Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

This one's a winner, folks. For a bread pudding that looks more like a lava cake, mix up challah with some dark chocolate chunks and heavy cream. The result is reminiscent of warm brownies. To sweeten the deal, top the pudding with fresh raspberries. This relatively simple dish is simply perfection. 

4. Pumpkin Bread Pudding

It may be summer now, but it's never too early to prepare for fall. Indulge in warm spices with this pumpkin bread pudding that is best served with homemade whipped cream and candied pecans. 

5. Strawberry Shortcake Bread Pudding

Strawberry shortcake is the ultimate spring dessert. However, it's notorious for being heavy on dairy, which can be hard on your stomach when consumed in large quantities. Try this dairy-free version of your favorite fruity cake that tastes just like the real thing.

6. Croissant Bread Pudding

Croissants are one of my favorite pastries. I can't get enough of their flaky, light texture. Unfortunately, when these twisted buns go stale, they basically turn rock hard. Don't let their newly crunchy texture deter you from using them, though. Bake this croissant bread pudding topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and some butter pecans and you'll gain a new appreciation for no-waste living. 

7. Coffee and Donuts Bread Pudding 

Breakfast is the most important (and delicious) meal of the day, so why not pack an array of breakfast essentials into a tray to serve as dessert or a snack (or even for breakfast if you're craving something sweet)? Now you can have coffee and donuts without having to stop at Starbucks and your local donut shop in the morning. But on a serious note, when is Starbucks going to start serving donuts?

8. Salted Caramel Chocolate Bread Pudding

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Naib Mian

Salted caramel is a deadly combination (it's even scientifically proven to be addictive). The salt enhances and balances out the sweetness from the caramel to make for a mouthwatering bite. But hey, I like to live on the edge. I'll even add semisweet chocolate chips into the mix to make this dish even more deliciously dangerous.  

9. Banana Bread Pudding

Banana bread is already pretty close to perfect on its own, so the only way you can top it is by making it into a super moist dessert, packed with tons of chocolate chips. This version has a nice crust on the top and a gooey interior. The best part of making this dish are the sticky, delicious remnants left on the sides of the bowl. No utensils required. 

10. Nutella Bread Pudding 

There are few things in life that I love more than eating Nutella straight from the jar. Nutella bread pudding is one of those things. Paired with fluffy brioche and baked until caramelized, you have to give this recipe a try the next time you're craving Nutella but in need of a more socially acceptable snack.

11. Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

Pecan pie is my personal favorite pie flavor, but ain't nobody got time to make an entire pie from scratch. This pecan pie bread pudding is the next best thing. The crunch from the pecans adds texture to the otherwise soft, silky dish. Plus, the top parts of the bread get super crunchy, almost like pie crust (aka the best part of pie).

12. S'mores Bread Pudding

Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate are the actual Holy Trinity year-round, but especially during summer. Ditch the campfire to indulge in this s'mores treat. With an oven and just shy of 90 minutes, you'll have a marshmallow-y bread pudding that'll bring you back to those nights under the stars on the campgrounds.

13. Concha Bread Pudding

If you don't know what concha is/have never tried it, you're seriously missing out. This Mexican pastry is sweet bread, usually topped with sugar or a crunchy, cookie-like crust. It's perfect for with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate on lazy mornings. To elevate this traditional baked good, make the ultimate brunch dish with this concha bread pudding.

14. White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding

Some people claim that white chocolate isn't real chocolate, to which I reply: white. chocolate. raspberry. bread. pudding.  The tartness from the raspberries, the creaminess from the French baguettes soaked in the batter, and the sweetness of the white chocolate will convert you into a white chocolate loyalist.  

15. Sausage & Cheddar Bread Pudding

Last but certainly not least, here we have a sausage & cheddar bread pudding recipe that's perfect for meal-prepping. It turns out bread pudding doesn't have to be sweet. This bread pudding is cheesy on the inside, crisp on the outside, and delicious all around.

The next time you're invited to a potluck or want to impress a couple of your friends, try out one of these easy bread pudding recipes. Who said carbo-loading couldn't be fun?