Marshmallow and Cake Pops

Surprise your loved ones with a pop of sweetness!  These small bite-sized treats are easy to make, not to mention they are less messy to eat.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Have no time on your hands?  No worries!  Simply dip some strawberries in chocolate and sprinkle it with some love. 


A typically gift for a special someone, cookies are simple yet still cute.  Whether it be some simple chocolate-chip cookies or originally shaped and decorated, it will no doubt bring a smile.


Cupcakes: perfect for when you don't want something as big as a cake, but still want to present a big surprise. These mini-cakes are fit for eating with anyone and are easy to express and decorate freely.


Getting hyped for Valentine's Day?  Show your love and gratitude with some cake!!  Chocolate, red velvet, or maybe even cheesecake, there are endless options for you and your friends to enjoy.


Brownies: another treat that's perfect for a bigger group of people.  Although it is a typical treat to give to a significant other or some friends, decorate it with a sprinkle of Valentine's Day theme and it'll be the perfect gift.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Here's another easy to make treat: chocolate covered pretzels!  From the classic pretzel twists to the pretzel sticks, there's a variation of these small snacks.  So save your saltiness for another day and cover it up with some sweetness for a day.

Ice Cream Sundae

This may be a little different idea, but the best one if you and your partner are both ice cream lovers.  Customize your own sundae and enjoy the day together.

Pancakes and Waffles

Want to cook something more bold but not confident in your cooking skills?  Just simply make pancakes or waffles: these can be a cute breakfast or a snack that you can enjoy with anyone.

Eclairs and Cream Puffs

Want to step up your game a bit?  Try making some eclairs or cream puffs!  These puffy, airy, yet sweet treats will no doubt be appreciated.


These small balls of chocolate are the one you're looking for if you want bite-sized but powerful.  These are easy to make, and will make nice last-minute gift if you can't buy it.


Looking for a little fancy treat?  Buy or even try making some cute macarons.  These small, aesthetic treats will be a nice gift for anyone for sure.

Candy Bags and Jars

Out of time? Can't cook?  Just decorate a jar or bag to be valentine's day themed, and put some candy in it.  You can put a small love note to go with the chocolate or sweethearts.

Decorated Drinks

As a last resort surprise or a little more decoration to go with your dessert, you can decorate store bought drinks.  Set an even more fancy Valentine's Day mood by decorating the table, or even the room.