Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you know what that means? Candy. Sweethearts are a classic, so read up and impress everyone with how much you know about this classic Valentine's Day sweet treat.

1. NECCO made the first conversation hearts in 1866 

So they're really old

2. They were originally called "Motto Hearts"

They were kinda like fortune cookies that were sold during the Civil War. There were rolled up printed phrases inside the shells. 

3. Production starts in late February and goes until mid-January just to make enough hearts for the upcoming Valentine's Day

Who knew production took so long?

4. NECCO makes more than 8 billion candy hearts every year

I could prob eat half of those. Oops.

5. About 45 sayings are included in a batch

But, if you're not feeling any of 'em, you can make your own. 

6. Conversation hearts are the best selling Valentine's Day candy

Are you surprised?

7. Sweethearts are fat-free and sodium-free

So, that makes them healthy, right?

8. For each candy, 5 letters fit on the top and 4 fit on the bottom

Except if there's a W, then there are only 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom.

9. Necco introduces 10 new Sweethearts sayings each year

So, you'll never ever get sick of them.

Are you surprised? Bet you didn't know those tiny hearts had such a history. Single or not this Valentine's Day, it doesn't matter (as long as you inhale candy all day). Sugar fixes everything, so you better get your Sweethearts before they're all sold out.