A Filipino party is a small village in one house. There are families from all over town and sometimes out of towners in celebrating a special occasion whether it is a debut, birthday party, a graduation and etc. Filipinos can make a party out of anything. Filipino parties consist of the whole 1,000 island village and the food to match. Sometimes, the food that is served looks more like an Asian Buffet instead of a house party. Here are 13 typical food items anyone would find at a most Filipino party.

1. Shanghai Lumpia

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Shanghai eggs rolls with sweet chili sauce is one of the most popular food item in a Filipino party. Family members/friends take more than a handful to fulfill their lumpia needs.

2. Pancit

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Filipino noodles made with variations of meat and vegetables

3. Palabok

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Another form of pancit that has a unique taste. Palabok has rice noodles on the bottom and has a thick sauce that consist of shrimp, egg, chicharon flakes, and chives.

4. Filipino Spaghetti

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Can’t have a Filipino party without Filipino spaghetti. Bare in mind, each family makes their spaghetti differently. There is no perfect way to make spaghetti; some add more sauce or less, more meat or less and etc. But it’s still a comfort food that each family loves to have.

5. Kare Kare

Thick peanut stew that usually contains oxtail (any choice of meat you desire) and vegetables.

6. Adobo

chicken, pork, sauce, gravy
David Zambuto

A popular food item is an adobo which mainly contains chicken or any choice of meat)

7. Sinigang

Popular comfort stew that has a savory scent to this divine dish. This dish usually consists of pork, white radish, greens, and other specific ingredients.

8. Sisig

Made with different parts of pork like the liver, head and etch. Sisig also contains calamansi (lime) to add a kick of sour.

9. Dinuguan

This food item makes foreigners tongue twirl because it is pig's blood. The dish looks black but still remains a delicacy. 

10. Kaldereta.

 Goat meat stew that consists of ingredients of any type of meat, vegetables, peppers, or tomatoes.

11. Bistek

Simple beef stew or bistek that consist of onions, calamansi juice and soy sauce.

12. BBQ

No one can go wrong with BBQ but Filipino BBQ is quite different. Some of them has a sweet yet tangy taste to them. Whether it’s pork or chicken bbq one taste of it will get you hooked for a lifetime.

13. Lechon

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

When there’s a big family party, there will always be lechon. Lechon is pig, usually just laid out there open to the public. It is a tradition, so some people find it quite taboo but lechon tastes amazing especially with mang tomas sauce.

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

There are many more food items than the list that was provided, but you will find some if not most of these dishes on the menu. A Filipino party is all about tradition, family and comfort. Nothing beats being with the people you love and enjoying the food that was served and cooked with love.