Punch is one of the best holiday traditions. It's better than grabbing a couple beers, regular soda, or even a glass of wine. Punch is fun, festive, and you can easily make enough for everyone around the table. I've put together some easy punch recipes for your next holiday get together that require you to just dump in a few choice drinks (maybe some chopped fruit to be fancy). Next time you're tasked with bringing the drinks, consider these holiday punch bowls! (And yeah, I threw in some non-alcoholic choices for those under 21.)

1. Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

Drink this sparkling pomegranate punch the next time you're craving something bubbly! Pomegranate is an underrated holiday flavor that's sure to please a crowd. 

2. Citrus Whiskey Punch

This whiskey punch pulls together several unique flavors—lemon, cinnamon, and bourbon—to create a sophisticated drink. This is a strong punch, so drink wisely. 

3. Christmas Sherbet Punch (Non-alcoholic)

Adding sherbet to the punch bowl gives it a sweet, creamy finish. And how cute is this preparation with a rim covered in green sprinkles? This Christmas sherbet punch is just like the stuff grandma used to make. 

4. Cranberry Apple Punch

Brooke Gabriel

This cranberry apple punch combines all of the most popular winter flavors into one perfect drink. For a slightly different flavor, try using ginger beer instead of ginger ale.  

5. White Christmas Margarita Punch

How beautiful is this margarita punch? It uses island flavors like coconut and rum to create a pretty and delicious drink. Take a vacation without leaving home!

6. The Ultimate Holiday Sangria

Kelly Redfield

In my experience, you can't really go wrong with sangria. Apples, cranberries and clementines make this holiday sangria perfect for a crowd. 

7. Peppermint Nog Punch

Unique and pretty, this twist on traditional egg nog throws peppermint into the mix. Sweet, creamy, and festive, you need to give this peppermint nog punch a try. 

8. Spiced Apple Cider Rum Punch

Apple cider is the perfect cold weather drink. Add some rum and you've got a great party punch! This spiced apple cider rum punch is a must this holiday season. 

9. Holiday Party Punch

This basic punch is so simple, but delicious. Fresh fruit and sparkling cider can go a long way (especially if you're on a budget). 

10. Sparkling Cranberry Pineapple Punch (Non-alcoholic)

Cassandra Bauer

This one's for those of you at the kid's table. Heck, people over 21 can enjoy this, too! This cranberry pineapple punch is fresh, pretty, and definitely a crowd pleaser.

11. Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a traditional beverage often served in Europe. It's so unique! Served warmed, the depth of flavor will bring the sophistication to your holiday gathering.

12. Grinch Punch (Non-alcoholic)

sweet, candy, cake
Jennifer Nigro

The Grinch is not only a classic Christmas tale, it's also your next party drink! This Grinch punch will be a showstopper with its bright green color. Add some red sprinkles to get those Christmas colors.

The next time you need a fun, festive beverage at your holiday party, choose one of these easy punch recipes. And don't be afraid to make up your own punch—you really can't mess up when mixing soda and booze.