Let's be honest: being an adult is pretty hard sometimes. Between juggling work, classes, a social life, and more-sometimes a PB&J is just the best you can do. Here are 10 ways to jazz up the classic sandwich to make you feel a little more like an actual adult.  

1. Use Fresh Strawberries

berry, strawberry, Fruit, strawberries, sweet, farmer's market
Caroline Ingalls

Instead of jam, try adding fresh strawberries. Toast some bread, add peanut butter, and add slices of strawberries to your PB&J. You can also opt for raspberries if you're feeling extra fancy. 

2. Drizzle Honey

tea, honey, Bear, Honey bear, sweet
Sam Jesner

For a sweeter take on your typical PB&J, simply drizzle some honey over some peanut butter. With the super sweet honey, you probably won't even need jelly. 

3. Try different nut butters

almond butter, spoonful, almonds, Crunchy, Nut butter
Julia Gilman

Bored of Skippy peanut butter? Spread different nut butters onto the same piece of toast. For example, mix smooth peanut butter with almond butter for a protein-packed lunch. You'll be full long until dinner. 

4. Transform it into French Toast

french toast, sweet, pancake, pastry, toast, syrup, cake, honey
Christin Urso

Sunday mornings just got so much better with this sweet French toast recipe. With most of the ingredients probably already sitting in your refrigerator, all you've gotta do is gather enough energy to power up the stove and whip up this delectable breakfast.  

5. Change the bread 

bread, brown bread, sweet, chocolate, cake, wheat, pastry, rye bread
Helena Lin

The best part about any PB&J in my opinion, is hands-down the bread. Yes, I'm serious. Rather than using your usual whole-wheat bread, try swapping with some rye bread, or even sweet cinnamon bread.  

6. Slice an apple

apple, sweet, juice
Maddie Cole

Similar to the first option listed above, apples can also make an excellent addition to a PB&J. Make sure to cut the apple into very thin slices for a deliciously crunchy sandwich.  

7. Add chocolate chips 

sweet, candy, chocolate, chips, chocolate chips, cocoa
Caroline Ingalls

Craving something sweet, yet healthy at the same time? Add some dark chocolate chips to your PB&J. You've got some healthy fats with the peanut butter and a healthy heart  with the dark chocolate. 

8. Shape it

sweet, pastry, cookie, cake, candy, chocolate, doughnut, jam
Anthony Shu

Remember opening your lunch bag, and finding heart shaped PB&J sandwiches your mom made you? Just me? Well show yourself some love, and try shaping your sandwich using a cookie cutter. Too lame? Fine, but at least cut off the crust once in a while.  

9. Add banana

sweet, dairy product
Delissa Handoko

Peanut butter and banana toast is so much more than just a workout snack. Toast some bread, slice some banana, and put together. I truly believe this is the most satisfying 2-ingredient lunch ever. You can also add honey, or chocolate chips. 

10. Grill it

Tarika Narain

Move over grilled cheese, this grilled PB&J is coming after you. Spread butter on one side of a slice of toast, and peanut butter on the other. Repeat the process on another slice, and add jelly. Stick together, and cook for about 4 minutes on each side. You're seriously adulting now.