Whether you are a Patriots or Eagles fan, delicious comfort food is sure to bring everyone together watching football this Super Bowl Sunday. Because of innovative content creators on various blogs, YouTube, and Instagram, comfort food suitable for all diets and lifestyles are as attainable as ever. So whether you are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, etc., I've got you covered with 10 delicious vegan comfort food recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Nacho Cheese

Blending potatoes and carrots into a cheese dip may seem like a wacky thing to do, but this nacho cheese is to die for. My roommate can attest and I will surely be making this recipe on Sunday.

Buffalo "Chicken" Dip

What's a Super Bowl Party without something buffalo chicken flavored? Find this recipe on Caitlin Shoemaker's blog.

Mac & Cheese Bites

This recipe transforms delicious mac and cheese into a finger food. What is not to love?

Beer and Cheddar Bread Bowl Dip 

Make this dip to accompany the beer taste that will most likely already be dominating your taste buds. Why not eat your alcohol too?

Baked Taquitos with Creamy Salsa and Guacamole

These quick and easy taquitos make the perfect party snack for both your guests and you to indulgently snack on this game day. 

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

These wings are one of hotforfood's most viewed videos on YouTube and for good reason. They are seriously bomb.

Spinach Dip

Spinach dip is a classic Super Bowl comfort food, so don't feel left out this year as this recipe tastes just like you remember, just with plant based alternatives.

Baked Mac and Cheese

This recipe is vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free yet nevertheless delicious, so everyone should be down for a bowl of this. 


Popcorn is the perfect snack for a game that is a nail-biter. This recipe won't let you down.

Onion Rings

These onion rings are drool-worthy and fat-free so you can chow down on these with no remorse whatsoever.

So try making some of these recipes this Super Bowl Sunday and share the killer food with your friends because they won't disappoint. Better yet, the plant based ingredients featured in each of these recipes are far healthier for your body than the non-vegan alternatives. These comfort foods prove how being vegan doesn't mean eating salads 24/7, even though you may just feel like you have eaten a salad after eating these epic concoctions.