Football season has some of the longest, drunkest, and most thrilling days of the school year. Your emotions spiral up and down as your football team fights it out on the field, and it sadly doesn’t always fall in your favor.

No team is bulletproof. We’re all going to have to face loss at some point in our college experience. To prepare you for this dark time, here are some go-to beverages to help ease the pain. 

Chamomile Tea 

Dyan Khor

Chamomile is known for calming you down in times of high stress. For those who don’t like to eat their feelings after a loss, a cup of tea will soothe your soul and make you ready for bed (even if it leaves you a little sad). It also boosts your immune system, so you won’t wake up sick after sharing drinks with everyone at the tailgate.

Reese’s Cup Cookout Milkshake

beer, pizza
Duane Stanford

One of Cookout's highest calorie milkshakes, the Reese's Cup milkshake is guaranteed to warm your heart and make your taste buds sing with joy after a devastating loss. You're in mourning, so you deserve to treat yo'self. Just don't let your mind wander to the Reese's football advertisements that may remind you of the pain you just experienced on the field. 

Starbucks Double Chocolate Mocha with an Extra Shot

chocolate, sweet, cream, milk, poutine, candy
Paige Marie Rodgers

It’s been an exhausting day with a horrible ending. Why not lift your spirits just a little with the most indulgent drink at Starbucks? Don’t forget to add as much caffeine as you can, though, because it will take a lot to get you out of the dark hole you’ve fallen into. 

Chocolate Milk

milk, coffee
Hannah Linn

Chocolate milk just makes everything better. It's also proven to be the best recovery beverage, and you'll need nothing less than the best to recover from this loss.

Dark 'n' Stormy

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Photo courtesy of @Dennis Wilkinson on Flickr

A combination of dark rum and ginger beer garnished with a lime, a Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail is the perfect classy drink to subdue your devastation, but keep your composure. It perfectly reflects the way the world feels to you at the moment. Try not to cry when you order it at the bar.   


Photo courtesy of @Mike Mozart on Flickr

Let’s face it, you probably sweated as much as the players while watching them fight for glory. You’re likely dehydrated, and nothing will give you the energy boost and electrolytes you need like Gatorade will.  

Fireball Whisky

liquor, beer, whisky, wine, alcohol, rum
Scott Harrington

If you want hard liquor, Fireball is the way to go. The ball may not have been on fire on the field today, but you can still have a fun night out with your equally depressed friends.  

Lukewarm Beer Leftover from the Tailgate

beer, coffee
Sharon Cho

That crappy can of PBR should only be drank if you have absolutely no access to all of the above.

After an exhausting day of tailgating, socializing, and cheering on your football team, it’s sometimes hard to face the harsh reality of losing. We all want our school to be on top, but sometimes we just need a little extra something when we are deprived of the victory we desperately wanted.