You've likely tried the famed gin and tonic at least once, or at the very least you've heard of it. Many of us assume gin is best in a G&T, but there are actually many more ways to drink gin besides in this classic cocktail. It can be slightly intimidating to order a new drink when you've only ever had pre-mixed spirits, but gin shouldn't be feared. Slightly bitter in flavor, there are plenty of ways to use this alcohol that'll ensure you aren't stuck ordering a gin and tonic wherever you go (although this drink's iconic for a reason). The following summer gin cocktails are perfect for the experienced and novice cocktail connoisseur alike. 

1. Gin Fizz

The fluffy egg whites take this drink to a whole other level. But don't let the raw egg worry you; the the citric acid in the lemon juice and the alcohol in the gin neutralize the risk of getting sick. If you're really averse to using raw eggs, just leave it out for an equally delicious summer gin cocktail. 

2. Elderflower Collins

Elderflower is a highly underrated flavour (although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex served an elderflower and lemon wedding cake at the royal wedding, so I have a feeling it's about to become much more popular). Elderflower adds a subtle, fruity flavor to this cocktail. It's distinct enough that the bitterness of the alcohol subsides, but not too strong that it makes you turn your nose up. 

3. Negroni

You've probably heard someone describe a Negroni as "bittersweet," since getting the balance right between the three spirits is incredibly delicate. You can create something really bitter if you like your liquor that way, or you can make it more palatable by adding more gin. There are plenty of ways to add your own twist to this summer gin cocktail.

4. Basil Lavender & Tonic Cocktail

I've refrained from including the classic G&T on this list, but I couldn't help but include this very similar, yet completely unique lavender recipe. Lavender can be a polarizing flavor, but it's the perfect complement to gin. G&T's can be slightly bitter to taste, and the lavender doesn't mask this, but rather it enhances it. Incorporating this into a summer gin cocktail is a fresh twist on an old classic.

5. The Saguaro

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Jacqueline O'Reilly

This recipe uses two shots of gin in each drink as opposed to one. The lime juice and agave in this recipe give it serious margarita vibes, making it the perfect drink to enjoy by the pool.

6. Blackberry Gin Fizz

Daniel Smith

A classic summer cocktail always includes fresh fruit, and this blackberry gin fizz is no exception. This cocktail can be made with any in-season berry, like raspberries or blueberries. You just might need to adjust the amount of sweetener in this drink, depending on how sweet the berries are. 

7. The Gin Garden's Southside

Are you a diehard Mojito lover who's afraid of change? This is the gin cocktail for you. Perfect for summer, you won't lose the classic mojito aesthetic by substituting gin for rum, but you'll end up with a more refined tasting beverage. 

8. Apricot Passion 

Apricot isn't widely used in cocktails, but after tasting this I firmly believe it should be. This cocktail is best served with a thick straw, as the chunky texture is a welcome departure from some of the other drinks on this list.  

9. Strawberry Rhubarb G&T

No list of summer cocktails is truly complete without a strawberry-flavored drink. This surprisingly simple recipe pairs well with a cheese and fruit platter, and is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth.

10. Apple Gin & Tonic

Mint adds a refreshing summer flavor to this otherwise fall-flavored drink. Use different kinds of apples to figure out which you like best in this unique gin and tonic. 

If you serve these summer cocktails at your next party, your guests will be surprised at how many ways you can enjoy gin. Don't be afraid to experiment with this versatile liquor, as it pairs nicely with so many mixers.