Olive oil is the backbone of the Mediterranean Diet. The Greeks and Italians legit drink olive oil as if it were water. It's the key to why they are so healthy. A study showed that those who consumed more olive oil in the Mediterranean also consumed less saturated fats, refined cereals, candy, fruit juices, and instead ate more fish, whole grains, and vegetables. When looking at infused olive oil recipes, there is only health and flavor to think about. 

However, the big question on the table, "if olive oil is a fat, how can it be good for you?" Olive oil is made up of almost completely monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which is considered to be the healthy kind of fats. MUFAs are the agents that lower LDL (low-density lipoproteins aka the "bad" cholesterol) and lower total cholesterol in the body. 

However, getting creative with plain olive oil can be a challenge, which is why making infused olive oil is a good idea. It's easy, cheap, and not that time consuming. All you need is a very neutral flavored olive oil and a couple of your favorite ingredients to introduce new flavors to your cooking with these infused olive oil recipes. 

1. Garlic Olive Oil

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Kristine Mahan

Garlic olive oil is one of the most popular types of infused olive oils out there. However, adding garlic to olive oil can be a little dangerous if you're not careful. Botulism is a major concern when it comes to garlic-infused olive oil. If not handled correctly, bacteria can grow in the oil and cause this disease. Cooking the garlic before making homemade infused olive oil yourself can lower the chances of catching this disease. 

2. Chili Olive Oil

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Dea Uy

Chili olive oil is a must-have. Cooking with chili olive oil can add a ton of flavor and color to your dishes. The finer the chili peppers are crushed, the brighter and more intense the color of the oil will be. This infused olive oil can be used in lots of Asian dishes as well as Italian dishes. 

3. Basil Olive Oil

Using fresh herbs can really add flavors to your dishes. Basil infused olive oil can go a long way, and it's perfect for crusty toasted bread, fish, salads, and even eggs.  

4. Rosemary Olive Oil

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Jessica Kelly

Perfect paired with roasted potatoes and even chicken, this rosemary infused olive oil will be the star of the show. It also works well on popcorn, or even as a gift for your friends and family. 

5. Lemon Zest and Thyme Olive Oil

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Caroline Liu

Lemon-infused olive oil is the ideal oil for certain dressings. A lemon vinaigrette can really enhance a salad, and it is just the recipe you need for the summer. 

6. Sun-dried Tomato Olive Oil

Sun-dried tomatoes are perfect on pizzas, pasta, flatbreads, and salads. Turned into an olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes can really accentuate a dish. This flavor of olive oil can add an Italian flare to your list of infused olive oil recipes.  

7. Truffle Olive Oil

A truffle is a type of mushroom that's used predominantly in gourmet French cuisine, which means that it's very unlikely that you'll be whipping up some truffle olive oil at home. However, if you do manage to find truffles at your local farmers market, they will change the way you cook. 

8. Blood Orange-Infused Olive Oil

Lissane Kafie

Blood orange's bright citrus flavor brings out a distinct flavor in your homemade infused olive oil. Take advantage of the in-season of blood oranges, and make your own blood orange-infused olive oil at home. This infused oil is perfect for baking brownies and blood orange olive oil cakes. 

9. Orange Olive Oil

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Amelia Hitchens

Add orange zest to your olive oil for a tangy yet delicious infused olive oil. It's a perfect addition to pound cake if you're looking for a way to add extra flavor to this rich dessert.

10. Jalapeño-Infused Olive Oil

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Spoon University

If you're into spicy food, this jalapeño infused olive oil is just what you need. Use this infused olive oil to finish off a spicy dish such as soup, roasted vegetables, or even bread. 

Using olive oil in your recipes is much healthier than using butter, and infused olive oils impart more flavor into your dishes as well. Even better, when you make one of these infused olive oil recipes, you'll never spend your money on store-bought flavored olive oils again.