Who doesn't love frozen yogurt—the ultimate creamy, sweet, tangy treat—on a hot summer day? Your wallet, when you hit up expensive chains and pile on the toppings as high as they'll go (we've all done it). Or your friends, when they don't feel like walking to the nearest Orange Leaf for the third time in one week.

But neither of those facts should stop you from enjoying this trendy, healthy-ish dessert all summer long. The solution? These 10 frozen yogurt recipes that are easy, fresh, and bursting with flavor. 

1. Mango Coconut Frozen Greek Yogurt

sweet, cream, cake, dairy product, pastry
Lexi Morrison

This summery mango coconut frozen yogurt recipe is extra creamy (thanks, Greek yogurt) and filled with fun, tropical fruit flavors.

2. Raspberry Frozen Greek Yogurt

berry, cream, yogurt, chocolate
Lexi Morrison

Raspberry and chocolate are a match made in heaven. But when paired with sweetened Greek yogurt? Utter bliss.

3. Healthy Banana Fro-Yo

sweet, cream, candy
McKenna Cassidy

Go bananas. And add lots of scrumptious toppings, like PB&J, graham crackers, chocolate, sprinkles, you name it. Mmm...

4. Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt

cake, ice, goody, coffee, candy, sweet, milk, cream, chocolate
Spoon University

This hazelnut frozen yogurt recipe is almost too good to be true. It's dorm room-friendly, super affordable, and overflowing with nutty, chocolatey goodness.

5. Matcha Frozen Yogurt Bars

Natalie Pressman

Matcha (stoneground green tea leaves) is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This frozen yogurt popsicle recipe mixes matcha with yogurt and almond milk for a super healthy, super trendy treat.

6. 5-Minute Healthy Peach Frozen Yogurt

This colorful peach frozen yogurt recipe is unbelievably quick and makes the most of amazingly sweet, juicy peaches (the ultimate summer fruit).

7. Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt

Cake batter makes everything better, especially when it comes in the form of super creamy, decadent frozen yogurt. No birthday candles necessary.

8. Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Blueberries—the perfect balance of tart and sweet—are another must-have summer fruit. Simmered into a syrup and swirled into whole milk greek yogurt, they're even better.

9. Cookies and Cream Frozen Yogurt

Cookies and cream is the classic combo that never goes out of style. This cookies and cream frozen yogurt recipe is sweet, indulgent, and, of course, chock-full of crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies.

10. Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt

Calling all choco-holics: this rich, chocolatey frozen yogurt recipe is sure to satisfy all your deepest, darkest chocolate cravings.

So grab your favorite yogurt and get stirring. Because once your homemade creation emerges from the freezer, you may never go back to Orange Leaf again.