Candy—a trick or a treat? Even though candy may seem like a treat, sometimes it's more of a trick because of its long list of ingredients and icky additives

These treats take the "treating" part of trick-or-treating to a whole new level. They're way prettier and way more fun than candy. Yes, they might take more time to make, but I promise you they taste way better than conventional candy. 

1. Caramel Apples

chocolate, sweet, cake
Margaret Davenport

One of the best things about fall is apple season. What better way to use fall's favorite fruit than to slather it in caramel? It's a classic fall treat that you can customize to your liking by covering it in your favorite toppings: candy, sprinkles, chocolate chips, crushed nuts, cookies, popcorn, or pretzels. Go bananas. Or should I say go apples?

2. Chocolate Candy Halloween Bark

chocolate, candy, brownie, fudge
Ellie Haun

What's better than candy? Candy covered in chocolate, of course. Add your favorite sugary treats to some melted chocolate to make this simple and sinfully delicious bark.

Want to try other types of barks? Check out this white chocolate version or this sprinkle-filled version.

3. Homemade Crunch Bars and Peanut Butter Cups

chocolate, sweet, candy, coffee, cookie, milk
Ariana Pergola

Why buy candy when you can make your own? Make your own Crunch bars and peanut butter cups that put Reese's to shame with these three mouthwatering recipes. Your health and your wallet will thank you for DIY-ing instead of buying.

4. Healthy Homemade Butterfingers

peanut, peanut butter, butter, banana
Ellie Haun

I have made these countless times and let me tell you, they're addicting. I think they taste better than the original and they don't get stuck in your teeth as much. Plus they're healthier than the OG so you can eat double the amount... right? 

5. Spooky Rice Krispie Treats

chocolate, candy, cream, cake
Krista Stark

Take your everyday Rice Krispies up a notch (or five) by making these Halloween-themed Rice Krispie treats. They're the perfect way to get into the spooky spirit. You can make them in your dorm room, so there's no reason not to make them.

6. Pumpkin Pizza "Candy Corn" Cookie

rice, vegetable
Katherine Baker

Why eat real candy corn when you can eat cake shaped like it? This simple cake is full of fall flavors from pumpkin to white chocolate. 

7. Banana Monster Pops

These creepy treats are a fun way to get your daily serving of fruit. All you need to make them are a banana, white chocolate, coconut, dates, and seeds.

8. Candy Corn Cookies

Angela Kerndl

What are your feelings on candy corn—love it or hate it? If you love it, you'll love these candy corn-filled cookies. They're a much sweeter way to eat candy.

9. Candy Corn Cupcakes

pumpkin, vegetable, squash
Vitoria Freitas

Notice a trend here? Candy corn everything! These cupcakes are a simple and cheap way to enjoy a taste of Halloween. 

10. Pumpkin Halloween Trail Mix

corn, bacon, popcorn
Kate Avdellas

Are you sick of sugary sweet candy? Then try this pumpkin peanut butter mix. This trail mix is perfect for an afternoon snack or for dessert. Grab a handful or two and chow down.

Make any one of these festive treats and you're sure to have a sweet Halloween!