A good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, chickpeas are becoming even more popular as bakers and bloggers incorporate them into cookies, cakes, brownies, and other treats. What sparked the chickpea's journey from savory to sweet concoctions? Their neutral flavor makes them easy to sneak in amongst other ingredients like sugar, flour, nuts, and chocolate. The consistency of blended chickpeas also adds a certain creaminess to desserts, making it an all-star ingredient. Try these chickpea dessert recipes to discover how a mere legume can transform your favorite treats from good to great.

1. Dessert Hummus

Arden Sarner

Like strawberries dipped in chocolate? Try strawberries dipped in brownie batter dessert hummus. This is a snack you can feel good about to satisfy that midnight chocolate craving. Make your own with this 15-minute recipe or, for instant satisfaction, buy a tub of Delighted By hummus

2. Coconut Macaroons

Next time you use chickpeas, save the water in the can. The liquid you normally drain from a can of chickpeas is called aquafaba, and it can be substituted for egg whites to make a meringue. If you're a fan of coconut, I highly recommend these coconut macaroons with a dark chocolate drizzle. No one will ever guess that they're vegan and gluten-free. 

3. Oreo Brownies

Chickpeas and brownies sound like two things that shouldn't go together. Throw in Oreos and that sounds ridiculous, right? Wrong. Apparently, it's a thing, and it's a really good thing at that. With additional ingredients like dates, oat flour, and cocoa, these brownies are technically "health-ified" without sacrificing the rich, fudgey, chocolatey taste that makes everyone crave a brownie. 

4. Cookie Dough

Cookie dough brings back the heartwarming childhood memory of baking cookies with your mom and sneaking bites of the dough, even though she tells you not to because of the raw eggs. Fear not, Mom! This cookie dough has chickpeas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. No eggs in the mix means worry-free munching. 

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie is a classic; you really can't go wrong. Add chickpeas, and you still can't go wrong. You don't need to buy fancy flours to make these either, so you're safe – it's pretty much mess-free baking. I'm one to judge a cookie by its batter, and these pass the test with flying colors. 

6. Peanut Butter Blondies 

Blondies are an underrated dessert that rarely catch the spotlight. They deserve better, and with nut butters trending, this recipe could give the blondie its moment to shine. Just don't tell your friends what's in them until after they reach for seconds.  

7. Apple Cinnamon Cookies 

There's something about apple and cinnamon that always hits the spot. It's my go-to breakfast flavor combination, because why wouldn't I start my morning off with dessert? Adding chickpeas to these apple cinnamon cookies ups the nutrition level to make them even more acceptable as a breakfast, snack, or dessert.

8. Almond Cake 

Can dessert be healthy, indulgent, and beautiful? This chickpea dessert recipe from Nirvana Cakery is proof that it indeed can. The crust layer is made from almonds and dates, while the chickpea layer includes almond milk, lemon juice, maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla. It's a truly wholesome recipe that allows you to have your cake and eat it too. 

9. Waffles  

I know what you're thinking. Waffles are not dessert. But, what if you topped them with chocolate chips and M&M's, or maybe added a scoop of ice cream between two waffles? These chickpea flour waffles are easy to make and are sure to impress friends at your next Sunday brunch. 

10. Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes are relatively easy to bake in comparison to their dessert counterparts. You just line a muffin tin with cute paper liners, pour in the batter, and voila! No worries about sticking to the pan, and you can decorate them with any variety of toppings. This cupcake recipe involves so much chocolate, including a frosting made from Lindt chocolate bars, that you won't even notice the added chickpeas. 

Now that you have 10 easy chickpea dessert recipes to choose from, make sure to add chickpeas to your grocery list and discover how this legume can take your desserts to the next level.