DC has many different farmer's and organic markets to choose from, but sometimes it could be hard to make it there because of the hours, days, times and locations that some of these gourmet markets, in addition to farmer's markets are open.  Some are only open on weekends in the summer (which is hard because as college kids we go home during summer most of the time), they're open when we have class or obligations, the list goes on and on.  Glen's Garden Market should definitely be on your list of places to check out while you're in Washington.  They're open all year round so it's not likely that you would miss the opportunity.

What's Glen's Garden Market all about?

Glen's Garden Market, founded by Danielle Vogel in 2013 and opened on Earth Day, is all about sustainability and locality. When Danielle opened the market, she focused on her passion for fighting climate change. This became a part of the market by maintaining strong relationships with extremely local partners who treat their land, animals, and products with care and respect.  Glen's Garden Market strives to help begin local producers who are just starting out in the market.  Since Danielle opened the market, the Glen's community has launched over eighty food business, which means that they have helped over seventy entrepreneurs get their very first shot.  Of those eighty entrepreneurs,  fifty are women-owned companies and forty-eight of them are local Washington businesses. As a small mission-driven business, Glen's offers an extremely diverse display of produce compared to larger grocers.  They offer a more personal experience and treat people in their store like their neighbors and friends.  For more information on their morals and values, click here.

What are some cool things that Glen's is doing to encourage women's entrepreneurship opportunities?

The main thing that Glen's is doing for women's empowerment is a program called AccelerateHERdc, a contest for those who identify as female.  Essentially, this program is to highlight women-owned businesses and ideas.  The contest has three parts.  An initial pitch which is reviewed by a panel of judges, a phone interview for semi-finalists, and for the finalists: a chance to show their product at Earth Day Birthday - an event where everyone gathers to celebrate Glen's Garden Market's birthday and Earth Day! The winner gets a $6,000 no-strings-attached investment from Glen's Garden Market, a year-long mentorship with Danielle Vogel, Glen's founder as well as other valuable opportunities plus free admission for a food festival in Brooklyn this summer. 

What is Earth Day Birthday?

Earth Day Birthday is a celebration of the company's opening, as well as Earth Day, and takes place in the location's patio.  There, the finalists from the AccelerateHERdc program compete in their final pitch competition. This involves a live pitch at the celebration where the finalists can showcase their products, hang out on the patio, and enjoy live music. The winner of the pitch competition is announced, and Earth's birthday will be celebrated.  It's a great way to try some new things, celebrate mother Earth, and support local business.  Women should be empowered for countless and equal opportunities, and Glen's trying to give women (and women-identifying) the opportunity to change their lives.