I recently have completed my time as a participant in the Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida. During the five months spent at the Walt Disney World Resort, I had the opportunity to explore almost every inch of the property. One of the best parts of my program were the dining experiences. I am very fond of the character dining experiences that Walt Disney World has to offer due to the high-quality cuisine and characters that interact with guests throughout their meal. Although there are are numerous character meals I could discuss, I'm going to focus on my favorite character breakfast which is the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at the restaurant Trattoria al Forno

What is it?

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is the most recent  character breakfast offered at the Walt Disney World Resort as it started in April of 2017. It is unique since it is the only character breakfast across property which is not a buffet. This is different from other character meals in which guests enjoy family-style or buffet food. This restaurant also allows guests to get a glimpse into the kitchen so they can see their food being prepared which is typically not offered elsewhere. 

The Menu

To begin the meal, each table is presented with a frying pan filled with pastries such as mini muffins and danishes. The frying pan very much fits into the theme of the breakfast as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled greet guests in addition to Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. My favorite dish is the "Swimmers Delight" which is described as an "Egg White Omelet with smoked salmon, goat cheese, spinach, mushroom, and tomato served with breakfast potatoes." This meal is presented exactly as it is described. I am particularly fond this omelet because it is on the healthier side and holds an abundance of flavor. Another popular item is the "Tower of Pancakes" as they are very aesthetically pleasing and are served stacked to resemble the tower from Tangled. Additionally, the pancakes are topped with the notable sun from the film made out of powdered sugar. The other items on the menu include the "Royale Breakfast", "Tangled Eggs", and "King Triton's Shipwreck al Forno". This menu has options for guests with all kinds of palates making it more enjoyable for all guests.

Character Interaction

One of the best parts about this breakfast are the characters that interact with guests. When choosing a character dining experience, this is an important factor since guests are really paying for Disney's high class entertainment. I love that all of the characters who appear at this restaurant are able to verbally communicate with guests to create lifelong memories. Some of my favorite memories from my program came from the character interactions I've had at this breakfast. At many of the more voluminous character breakfasts such as "Chef Mickey's" and "Tusker House", I often find that the characters are in a hurry to make sure that they see all of the guests within a particular time frame causing for an unpleasant experience. However at this breakfast, I have never felt rushed to take quick photographs with the characters and have always had a magical time. 

Final Thoughts

Trattoria al Forno offers the best character breakfast at the Walt Disney World Resort. Although this meal is a quite expensive, I think that the high-quality food and character interactions make it worthwhile. The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is a great way to meet some beloved Disney characters while enjoying a delicious meal creating the perfect start for a day in the parks.