The Study opened when we got back from winter break. It's located under Hedrick Hall, which is quite a trek, but The Study is quite worth it.

Go check out the insanely expensive and useless table that was donated, the pretty and tasty food, and the study spots.


Almost every time I walk into the Study, I hear people marveling at it. We all appreciate it immensely, but no one knows what we did to deserve it. You can get kombucha on tap, swipe for pints of ice cream, grab a ham, swiss and pickle sandwich (highly recommended) or enjoy a tartine or some pastries. 

blackberry, sweet, blueberry, berry
Meredith Grubb

We already have some amazing food on campus as well as off campus, and it honestly just keeps improving. B-Plate is a great dining hall as well as a lifestyle. Rendezvous has sushi now. UCLA has great food. There are also some great study spots, like Powell and YRL. However, The Study combines great food with a great place to study, so you really can't lose. 

tea, beer, kettle, espresso, coffee
Meredith Grubb

There are also those really cool soda machines where you can pick what you want on the screen. That alone is a good reason to visit The Study.

tea, pizza, beer, coffee
Meredith Grubb


Besides great food, The Study also has a ton of study space, from a quiet room to a club like room to more casual work spaces to group study rooms with whiteboard walls. It's always packed, so if you get a spot you're lucky.

The Study is open for food until 2 am, and the clash between people utilizing the 24 hour study space and there for late night food is almost comical. For late night food, I highly recommend the Croque Madame. 

Meredith Grubb

Next time you need a late night snack, a spot on the hill to study, or just a little more bougie in your life, stop by The Study. It's honestly good for every meal of the day, and it's never really closed, so you don't have an excuse not to try it!