When that Finals Week rush hits campus, the library probably isn't the ideal place to study. Not only is it crowded and stuffy, but there isn't anywhere inside to get a good cup of coffee or a decent study snack.

Instead of trying to lock yourself away in a miserable library all week (which is probably bad for you anyway), go for a change of scenery and try one of these great places to study in LA. 

1. Literati Cafe 

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Although most people come to Literati Cafe to enjoy salads or a panini for lunch, this is a great place to work because it offers plenty of seating, free wifi, and a great selection of drinks and food to pick you up through a long day of studying.

2. Tom N Toms

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This coffee shop in Little Tokyo is nearly always crowded with students and young adults trying to grind out a few more hours of work. Because it is open 24 hours a day, this is great for when you need to stay up all night to cram or finish a paper last minute. They have plenty of drink options that go beyond your typical coffee and tea menu, so if you are feeling adventurous, you should give this place a shot.

3. 8 Espressos

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8 Espressos in Santa Monica is often frequented by UCLA students because of its close proximity to campus and ample seating. If you aren't into coffee, try one of their tea lattes or parfaits.

4. Hammer Museum 

While museums aren't typically the best place to study, the Hammer is a pleasant exception. The Hammer itself offers free admission and on the ground floor, there is plenty of outdoor seating.

Located inside the museum is Ammo Cafe, which offers a seasonal menu with many well-priced options. The best part is that when you get stressed or tired, you can simply visit some of the exhibits and relax.

5. Espresso Profeta 

Within walking distance from UCLA, Espresso Profeta is a great place for students and non-students alike to work on their laptops in a relaxed environment. The building itself is cute and inviting, making this a great environment to work in. You definitely need to try their espresso—they're named for it, after all.

6. Bricks and Scones 

Possibly the most unique coffeeshop on this list, Bricks and Scones is a two story building with multiple rooms dedicated to quiet work and studying on the inside and a patio for chatting, socializing, and relaxing in the front. Their menu is also very large, so you should try something different and go for their English Rose Tea Latte or one of the scones they are named for.

7. Funnel Mill Santa Monica 

Besides having plenty of seating and a great atmosphere, this is a great place to go simply for the great coffee. Come here for a morning pick-me-up and stay to get your work done.

8. Rise N Grind 

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Another great place to study because of the free wifi, ample seating, and abundant outlets to charge your laptop, Rise N Grind in Hollywood is definitely going to be your go-to when it comes to coffee shops. Serving Stumptown Coffee, food, and juice, this place has everything you can ask for at a coffee shop.