When choosing a college, you have to consider more than just the prestige and price of an institution. Luckily for you, UCLA has some of the best academic programs in the country and is rated as one of the best schools to go to. But did you know that the area surrounding UCLA also has some awesome places to fill your hunger? No matter what you’re craving, Westwood has something for you within walking distance!

1. Late Night Munchies

Fat Sal’s Deli


Photo Courtesy of @fatsalsdeli on Instagram

With everything from sandwiches to wraps, Fat Sal’s will definitely cure your late night munchies. Open until 3 AM Monday-Friday and in close proximity to frats and apartment parties, this is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after a long night out.



Photo Courtesy of @innout on Instagram

The ultimate California classic burger chain has a location on the corner of Gayley and Le Conte so this is another perfect place to stop after a night out. Best of all, it’s one of the cheapest burger options there is. (PS: you aren’t living if you haven’t tried the “animal style” fries.)

Italian Express


Photo Courtesy of Italianexpresswestwoodvillage.com

While Italian Express may be a little farther away, you can order delivery until 3 AM for only $1 delivery fee. They have pizza, pasta, and sandwiches, but you really need to try the Garlic Cheese Rolls. This is great when you’re craving pizza after a night of partying or as fuel for a long night of studying.

2. Healthy and Wholesome

Cava Grill


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Cava Grill is new to Westwood, but they have quickly become a favorite. With fast-casual, Chipotle-style ordering, you can pick whatever you want from their options. They serve a variety of fresh and healthy Mediterranean menu options, and if you’re thirsty their juice options are absolutely delicious.

Tender Greens


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Tender Greens is opening in Westwood soon, so keep an eye out for their location on Glendon Avenue. They serve fresh and healthy food with many vegetarian options as well. If you are as obsessed with sustainability and health as I am, you’ll love Tender Greens.

Veggie Grill

VEggie grill

Vegetarian or not, you will love Veggie Grill’s meat-free menu. They have a variety of menu options and new menu additions every few months according to what’s in season. Even better, if you are a UCLA student you can get a student discount.

3. Pizza

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria


Photo Courtesy of @800degreespizza on Instagram

You can’t go wrong with pizza, and 800 Degrees aims to make pizza that honors old Italian style. Follow their Instagram account (@800degreespizza) to watch for the pizza of the day to score a $5 pizza.



Photo Courtesy of @Pieology on Instagram

Pieology is another place that is relatively new to Westwood, but they have definitely made a mark for themselves. At Pieology, you can make a custom pizza or salad and add whatever you’d like from their huge list of toppings, cheese, and sauces.

4. Boba

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice


Photo Courtesy of @cocofreshteaandjuice on Instagram

Boba is something every UCLA student must try at least once, and there’s no better place to try it than CoCo. If you can manage to snag a seat, their free wifi makes this a good place to study.

Boba Loca


Photo Courtesy of @bobalocagg on Instagram

Another great place for boba is Boba Loca. They also have fresh hot teas and coffees, in case you need a pick-me-up to study.

5. Classy and Date-Night Friendly

Napa Valley Grille


Photo Courtesy of @napavalleygrille on Instagram

Newly renovated, Napa Valley Grille is finally open again and serving a variety of menu options from fish to pasta. This is perfect for impressing a date or celebrating a special event.



Palomino describes themselves as serving rustic European food, and you’ll find plenty of delicious pasta, pizza, seafood, and meat here. Located across from the Hammer, this doesn’t usually attract many UCLA students so this place is good for a quiet date.

6. Sushi

Sansai Fresh Grill and Sushi Kitchen


Photo Courtesy of @sansaisushigrill on Instagram

Sansai serves sushi as well as other fresh Japanese inspired dishes. Try one of their many rolls or bowls for a healthy lunch.



Photo Courtesy of @couldeatahorse on Instagram

Tomodachi is a great place to get sushi and a few drinks. Check out their happy hour from 3-5:30 PM for deals on their drinks.

7. Grocery



Photo Courtesy of @ralphsgrocery on Instagram

Ralph’s is the biggest grocery store in Westwood and has some of the best deals. Not only is it a grocery store, but it also contains a juice bar, frozen yogurt bar, a sushi bar, an alcohol bar, and a hot and cold food bar. Get a Ralph’s rewards card for free to get the best deals.

Whole Foods


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Whole Foods has organic and sustainable foods. Though it may be expensive sometimes, there are often deals and sales going on that make it a good deal. Plus, their bakery and dessert section is addictive.

Trader Joe’s


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Trader Joe’s is known for having good quality food for a low price. Try their Cookie Butter and you’ll be coming back just for that. Plus, there’s always Two Buck Chuck.

8. Dessert

Saffron and Rose Ice Cream


Photo Courtesy of @ericanasab on Instagram

If you haven’t tried Saffron and Rose’s Persian style ice cream, you have been missing out. They have several unique flavors, but you need to try the Saffron, Rose Water, Lavender, or Cucumber flavors.

Diddy Riese


Photo Courtesy of @diddyriese on Instagram

A UCLA classic, Diddy Riese is one of the top places you need to visit during your time at UCLA. Not only are the cookies and ice cream delicious, but the cookie sandwiches are only $2, making Diddy Riese a great choice for your mouth and wallet.

9. Cheap and Affordable

Lamonica’s New York Pizza


Photo Courtesy of @champagnealberto on Instagram

Lamonica’s has been around since 1980, and there’s good reason why. Their pizza is delicious and you can get a slice for just $3.

Bella Pita


Photo Courtesy of @bellapitala on Instagram

Just down the street from Lamonica’s, Bella Pita serves mediterranean food for low prices. The location is small so it may be hard to grab a seat, but the food is well worth it.



Photo Courtesy of @sepiswestwood on Instagram

Sepi’s is a great place for food and low priced beer. Sandwiches are $6-7 and you can buy beer by the pitcher, so this is a good place to go with your friends to watch a football game.

10. Good for Groups

TLT Food


Photo Courtesy of @tltfood on Instagram

TLT started as “The Lime Truck” and has grown into a full restaurant. They serve a unique mix of Mexican, Asian, and American foods so this has something for all tastes. Their big tables and diverse menu make this a great place for group eating.

Skylight Gardens


Photo Courtesy of @skylightgardens on Instagram

Skylight Gardens is a cute restaurant on Glendon Avenue. This is a great place for groups because there is plenty of space and they have a large menu of food and drinks that will definitely have something for everyone.