As an avid burger and fries lover, Farm Burger has been on my restaurant rotation for a while. You can always get what you want: there are a variety burgers on the menu to choose from, or you can create a burger to meet your cravings. My burger is a little different every time, and I love experimenting with new toppings. When I heard the Green's View Grill on Sewanee's campus was adopting a build-your-own burger concept, I knew I had to try it out as soon as possible. Could the Green's View Grill compare with my beloved Farm Burger? I drove over to find out.


Sykes eckhard

The first thing that struck me was the menu format. I spotted the pencils and immediately knew I had the freedom to create my own order! To create a burger, just check the type of burger you'd like, and then check the box of any toppings you want. Farm Burger has a similar build-a-burger menu, however instead of checking boxes with a pencil, you simply tell the waiter which toppings you'd like. In regards to burgers, Farm Burger takes pride in working with local farmers to bring sustainable produce to their restaurant. 

#SewaneeTip: The Grill also offers options for cutomizable hotdogs!

Menu Burgers

Sykes eckhard

If you are not in the mood to create a burger yourself, there are  "Signature Burger" options to choose from. Pictured above is the Ecce Quam Burger, a play off of Sewanees Lation slogan, "Ecce Quam Bonum". I chose to get a chicken burger, and with it comes sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Farm Burger also has a selection of "Blackboard Burgers" to choose from- my current favorite is the No. 4 Chicken Burger.

#SewaneeTip: You can still customize pre-created burgers! I added avocado to my Ecce Quam Burger. 

Selection of Fries

Sykes eckhard

Burgers and fries go together like peanut butter and jelly, so after I checked off the boxes for my burger options I moved on to the fries. In addition to regular and sweet potato, the Green's View Grill also has pimento cheese fries! Farm Burger has pimento cheese fries as well, in addition to regular, sweet potato, and FB fries (my personal favorite). At the Grill, I opted for regular fries while my friend got sweet potato. 

#SewaneeTip: You can add optional jalapenos and bacon to the pimento cheese fries for a little kick

And for Dessert, Milkshakes

Sykes eckhard

Just like burgers go with fries, in my opinion, fries go with shakes. Specifically chocolate shakes. That's exactly what I ordered at the Grill: a chocolate shake complete with chocolate sauce and whipped cream! I happily dipped my fries in my chocolate shake while my friend looked at me with a confused face. Farm Burger offers shakes as well- I usually get their chocolate shake, too. 

The burgers, fries, and milkshake trifecta seems to be a winning combo. It's no wonder that enterpirses such as Farm Burger, Five Guys, Cookout, and more incorporate the crowd-pleasing combination. I was excited to see that a new restaurant at my university had adopted a similar concept as one of my favorite restaurants, Farm Burger. If you are a Sewanee student, be sure to check out the Greens View Grill over by the golf course. There are so many options, you'll have to go back more than once!