Park Slope, Brooklyn is a family-friendly neighborhood and is home to some superb eateries. One day when walking around the area, I noticed a sign for Gnarly Eats. I was curious as to what cuisine this location offers, so I searched for information about the restaurant as well as its menu online. After I read some stellar reviews, I decided to try the food for myself. Although I could have easily walked into the joint for a dine-in experience, I decided to order food online and have it delivered to my house.

Since Gnarly Eats is known for its burgers, that's what I ordered. I ordered the "Portobello Burger" which is described as "Fried Portobello mushroom, Swiss cheese, red leaf lettuce, tomato and house sauce on a soft airy potato bun." I am not a vegetarian, but I often opt for healthier burger patty options. Swiss cheese is my favorite type of cheese, so that was also a bonus and further solidified my choice. Since the burger did not come with fries, I ordered a side of sweet potato fries. Furthermore, I couldn't resist and ordered some "Home-style fudge brownies"  to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

My order took approximately 40 minutes to be delivered as was stated on the order form. The food was certainly worth the wait.  As soon as I snatched the bag with my food, an appetizing aroma diffused throughout my dining room. I was eager to dig into my meal. I was pleasantly surprised by the large portion of sweet potato fries, which filled the bag. It was certainly a hearty serving for the price which was a positive. Next, I decided to try the burger. I don't frequently eat Portobello burgers, so I did not have extensive expectations. However, once I took a bite, my mouth was watering from all of the unique flavors melding together. Eating this burger was an overall pleasurable experience. I wanted the burger to be a bit larger as I deemed it to be relatively small in comparison to other burgers and to the large serving of fries. 

Jenna Clark

I ensured to save room for dessert, so I could eat my brownie. I was glad I did. As soon as I opened the container which the brownie was stored in, the chocolate smell saturated my nostrils. The scent reminded me of hot chocolate for some reason, but I didn't mind as I enjoy hot chocolate. Since I am a brownie connoisseur, I have high standards when trying different brownies. I particularly like them gooey and soft in the middle with some crunch on the edges. This brownie exceeded my expectations and I regretted only ordering one as I wanted to save some for the rest of the week.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I was satisfied with my choice to try Gnarly Eats. The only critique I am going to proffer is the price. I do not think a side of sweet potato fries should cost 7 dollars. Although a considerable serving had been delivered, I think that price for fries is outrageous. My favorite part of the meal had been my brownie although the other food was wonderful (I just have an particularly massive sweet tooth). I would highly recommend trying Gnarly Eats if you're in the Park Slope area and craving some American fare.