Big buns are the new aesthetic, but not for sandwiches. The classic American hamburger has transformed over time. Since the opening of White Castle in 1921 to the creation of the donut burger, burgers have strayed from the traditional bread, meat and cheese. 

However, big buns are not for everyone, nor do they determine a sandwich's tastiness. It's time for a counter-reformation to the big bun culture. Check out these yummy alternatives. 


Lettuce, collard greens or a bushel of kale are perfect to wrap your burger patty in. Exchanging a dark leafy green for a starchy bun adds more iron and magnesium to your diet. Adding more of these vitamins promotes healthy and strong hair, skin and nails, while enhancing heart health and brain function.

#SpoonTip: Use thicker dressings like avocado or hummus to slather on your sandwich. Sauces drippy in consistency can leak out and make the wrap soggy. 


Bagels are the healthy, mature cousin of the doughnut. Using a toasted bagel as a bun alternative allows for many flavor options, including sesame seed, cheesy jalapeno or even the classic plain. Be extra and try making your own bagel from scratch. 

Bell Peppers 

Add a crunch to your lunch with bell pepper buns. Sweeter than your average burger bun, bell peppers are great antioxidants full of vitamin c. For tips on how to cut a bell pepper, click here. 


Avocados are more than a healthy fat, they are a lifestyle. Avocados solidified their popularity with their new emoji, in addition to the trending #avocadotoast. Versatile and with numerous health benefits, avocados are a perfect bun substitute.

#SpoonTip: Eat your burger with a fork and knife or use lettuce to hold the avocado in since they are slippery to hold. 

In addition to being a tastier alternative, some of these bun exchanges are an easy way to get your daily greens. There are many other creative ways to substitute bread buns, including mushrooms, sweet potato slices or pita pockets. 

It's time for another hamburger glow-up. Ditch those bland, spongy buns that prevent you from tasting the savory ingredients in-between. Try incorporating these sandwich bread alternatives into your next meal.