As evident in my previous conversation on my taco obsession, I consider myself to be in a serious relationship with tacos. So when Bartaco invited me to try their #bartacosecret taco, I just couldn't pass up on the opportunity.

Bartaco is based in New York, but it has also restaurants in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. I tried out the Reston, VA location, and I found my new taco match. 

Immediately upon walking into Bartaco, I felt like it was summer. I was transported from a freezing, fall night in D.C. to a warm and homey beach bar. 

As we sat down, the waiter gave us the lay of the land. You order tacos like a traditional sushi restaurant - mark your picks on a tally sheet (which, between my friend and me, was completely filled up). Whenever you need anything, you put up a butterfly card, and the waiter will return within 30 seconds. I tested this a few times (I'm sorry for being that person), and it was more like 10 seconds. 

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Sydney te Wildt

Now, onto the food. A Mexican restaurant is nothing without it's chips and salsa. These chips are crisp and perfectly salted. Also, they are the size of my face. I am not exaggerating. They are huge.

salsa, vegetable, bread, corn, guacamole
Sydney te Wildt

As a taco aficionado, I know the difference between a good and a bad one. These tacos were not just good; they were incredible. They contained fresh ingredients and were chock full of flavor.

Their famous taco is the #bartacosecret. The ingredients change seasonally, and unlike Starbucks Secret Menu drinks, Bartaco actually wants you to order them. Our #bartacosecret was an ahi tuna green taco with corn, veggies, and sesame sauce, and I would Uber to these tacos any day. 

Sydney te Wildt

After all the tacos I ate, I was unsure if I could handle dessert. But the menu came out, and, as per usual, I ordered multiple. Their chocolate pudding is topped with whipped cream and hazelnuts, and it looks (and tastes) like s'mores. I attempted to take a picture of it, but my friend got so excited that she had to photobomb. 

popcorn, cake
Sydney te Wildt

With a full stomach, I highly recommend Bartaco for your next DC taco excursion. 

Special thanks to Bartaco for treating us for dinner. All reviews are honest and my own.