When venturing out to the Jersey Shore, one can easily get lost driving from beach town to beach town. Located in Monmouth County, Asbury Park is home to some of the best beaches, and where music legend Bruce Springsteen got his start (Stone Pony Summer Stage concert anyone?). So when cruising down the New Jersey coastline blasting Born in the USA, here’s 8 of my favorite joints that prove Asbury Park has one of the best food scenes on the East Coast! 

1. Porta Pizza 

Porta is a Jersey Shore staple, where every Monmouth County girl has spent at least one her friend's birthday dinners. After trying the celebratory Nutella Pizza, you’re instantly hooked. Their Neapolitan style pizza might be cut into 6 pieces, but it’s not something you’re going to want to share. 

2. Mogo

Korean tacos on the New Jersey shore, what more could a girl ask for? Whether eating a tofu taco at their boardwalk stand or enjoying a Baki Cheesesteak at their Cookman Avenue restaurant, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Mogo's pork bowl with kimchi fried rice has me speeding to Asbury every time I’m in the 732. 


If you’re feeling fancy, or just in the mood for good sushi, TAKA is the place to go. The restaurant and lounge offers premium sushi and Japanese cuisine, along with a killer bar atmosphere. 

4. Talula's

When working your way up Cookman Avenue, make sure to stop into Talula’s. What to get? The pizza. The toast. The homemade ricotta. Seriously, try everything you can! The restaurant and bakery is centered around their wood-burning oven, creating a cozy place to share a few late night “Fluffiest Eggs” pizzas with friends. 

5. Confections of a Rockstar 

For when your sweet tooth is out of control, Confections of a Rockstar serves up rockin’ cupcakes, cakes and other pastries, all baked daily. Owners Kimmee and Lisa combined their love for both music and baking to create a bakery where everything is handcrafted, using the freshest ingredients. Their “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” sticky buns are the perfect after dinner treat. 

6. Toast

Toast has become a New Jersey breakfast staple, with their red velvet pancakes being a major crowd pleaser. There’s nothing better than getting early morning (or afternoon) breakfast with a bunch of friends, especially when it’s done over Belgian Waffles and followed by a walk on the boardwalk. 

7. Cross & Orange

Whether you’re “brunching’ like a boss” or going for their late night bar menu, this top ranked gastropub is the place to be. Drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle of New York, their signature dishes never disappoint. 

8. Cookman Creamery

And to finish it all off, Cookman Creamery’s ice cream confections are the perfect way to end a relaxing beach day. They offer a wide range of traditional and vegan flavors, from Nutella to vegan Cookie Butter and Apple Cinnamon Ginger. If one scoops not enough, their pints and ice cream pies are enough to last until your next trip to the shore. 

So next time you’re in the Garden State, make sure to take a pit stop in Asbury Park and check out all it has to offer!