If you're from New Jersey, there are probably two things you love about the Garden State: the Jersey Shore and Bruce Springsteen.  Well, even if you aren't from Jersey, there is no reason you can't embrace the Boss and the junk food on the boardwalk.  Here are some of the best boardwalk treats you should treat yourself to while listening to your favorite Bruce hit.

"Hungry Heart" - Big Slice Pizza

You'll have to have a very hungry heart to finish one of these slices.

"Born to Run" - Funnel Cake

Funnel cake just looks like a "death trap," that you can't get out of and you're definitely not going to  want to run away from this sugary dessert.

"Waiting on a Sunny Day" - Kohr Brother's Ice Cream

This soft serve ice cream custard is the best on the boardwalk and matches perfectly with a sunny day (or any day really).  The orange and vanilla is their signature, but my favorite flavor to enjoy on a sunny day is the chocolate and peanut butter swirl.

"Thunder Road" - Fudge (Rocky Road flavor)

Fudge Kitchen has the best fudge on the boardwalk.  Thunder Road is my personal favorite Bruce classic, so the best deserves the best. So if you're like me, sit tight and take hold of this delicious Boardwalk treat while you sing along.

"Dancing in the Dark" - Crab Fries

These french fries are not too spicy, but they do have a little kick being covered in Old Bay seasoning.  Without making your mouth burn in pain, they're a great "spark."

"The Rising" - Acai Bowls

Acai bowls are a new trend to the Jersey shore, they do not necessarily fit in with the fried, high sugar foods that one associates with Boardwalk rides and games  These Instagramable, popular bowls, are becoming super popular and definitely "coming up for the rising."

"Wrecking Ball" - Salt Water Taffy 

Bruce opens this number saying that he was "raised out of steel in the swamps of Jersey."  Salt water taffy got its name when Bradley's candy store flooded and the taffy was waterlogged with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean - not necessarily the "swamps" of Jersey, but close enough. Plus, would you really be at the Jersey Shore without getting a box of taffy?

"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" - Water Ice

Water Ice is very similar to Italian Ice, it is just a little more liquid in its consistency and has more flavor added.  This cold treat will definitely give you a brain "freeze out" if you eat it too quickly.

"Glory Days" - Johnson's Popcorn

This caramel popcorn is so good, you'll finish the entire bucket faster than the "wink of a young girl's eye."

"Jersey Girl" - Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese

While this may not be specific to the Boardwalk or down the shore, it's just as easy to fall in love with this breakfast sandwich as it is to fall in love with a Jersey Girl.

"Born in the USA" - Brown's Donuts

America may run on Dunkin Donuts, but Jersey Shore goers in Ocean City run on these almost famous homemade donuts.

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" - Fried Oreos 

Had to include this cover to get into the holiday spirit. Fried Oreo's are the Boardwalk version of Christmas cookies, so you can stay in the holiday spirit all summer long.

Even if you're not from the Jersey Shore or have never visited, these Boardwalk treats can be found in many other places (no promises as to how they will compare to the original). So, no matter where you are, treat yourself to the Boss and some great snacks.