Old Bay might be great on steamed crabs, but that’s not all this Chesapeake favorite is good for. If it’s not there already, Old Bay is a must-add to your condiment cabinet or backpack spice collection. Dare yourself to try it on these 10 nontraditional foods and it will change the way you “spice” for good.

All Seafood

Crab cakes are best served: A. On a bun B. With saltine crackers C. Over a bed of greens D. Just give me a fork!

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Steamed crabs are a must, but you can sprinkle some on steamed shrimp, clams, mussels, and fish too.

French Fries

Fact: #crabfries taste better when the #eagles are winning! #flyeaglesfly Photo c/o @wassgoodwithfood @phillyphoodies ???

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Bay fries are bomb. Period.


Old Bay

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Butta’ and Bay, mmmm.


Sprinkle some on your slice, whether it’s cheese or pepperoni.


Old Bay

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Use Old Bay to add some spice to this quick snack.


Old Bay

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Tuna, chicken, or egg — Old Bay adds a much needed kick.


Old Bay

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You’ll actually want to eat your broccoli after adding Old Bay.


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Whether it’s baked, broiled, fried, or grilled, a little Old Bay is all you need.

Vanilla Ice Cream


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Takes sweet ‘n salty to a new level.


Old Bay

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Mix it in some cheesy, scrambled eggs = morning complete.