The weather is getting cooler. The leaves are changing colors. Everyone is starting to dig out their boots, sweaters, and flannels from the back of their closets. Fall is finally hitting Indianapolis, which means it's also the perfect time to go apple picking. While you can head to your local grocery store to get this classic autumn fruit, let's face it: It's a lot more fun to do the picking yourself. So, here's a list of where to go apple picking near Indianapolis so you can corral your friends for an impromptu field trip.

1. Adrian Orchards

Adrian Orchards, known as the "orchard nearest the heart of Indianapolis," has been in business since 1925. Each fall, they sell fresh, juicy apples to customers, along with apple cider and caramel apples. 

And, fun fact: Adrian Orchards is home to the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest apple picker. In 1980, George J. Adrian picked over 365 bushels of apples (around 15,000 pounds) at Adrian Orchards. He still holds that record today, too.

2. Stuckey Farm

Stuckey Farm, located in Sheridan, is the perfect place to visit to fulfill your apple picking fix. From Gala to Fuji to Golden Delicious, Stuckey Farm offers you the chance to pick 27 different varieties of apples from their over 4,000 trees. You can also take a wagon ride around the orchard, drink fresh-pressed cider and browse the farm's market that features local produce from Indiana farms.

3. Anderson Orchard

Located outside of Mooresville, Indiana, Anderson Orchard is known for their fresh, delicious apples you can pick from their trees. But the orchard's concession stand cannot be missed. Check it out and drink an apple cider slush and chow down on caramel apple fondues, fried apple pies and fried biscuits slathered in their famous Anderson Orchard apple butter.

4. Whiteland Orchard

Whiteland Orchard has been open for over 40 apple picking seasons. Check out the orchard's over 30 acres of apple trees, where they grow tasty varieties like Johnathan, Fuji and Golden Delicious. You can also visit Whiteland Orchard's greenhouses and pumpkin patch.

5. Tuttle Orchards

For more than 90 years, Tuttle Orchard has been a favorite spot to pick apples near Indy. Visitors can pluck apples from the orchard's over 1,500 trees. However, you should also hit up Tuttle's other attractions, like their corn maze, pumpkin patch and observational beehive. You can also pick up some sweet treats from their store, including apple cider, caramel apples and doughnuts. 

6. Pleasant View Orchard

Pleasant View Orchard is another popular apple orchard choice. With more than 40 acres of trees and 20 different varieties of apples, Pleasant View is the perfect place to visit this fall with your friends. But don't visit without trying the orchard's homemade apple cobbler a-la-mode or fried biscuits with apple butter.

7. Beasley's Orchard

Last but certainly not least, take a trip to Beasley's Orchard, located in Danville, this fall. The orchard pays special attention to the varieties of apples it offers, making sure that you get the best apples when they are ripe and ready to be picked. If you visit, don't forget to check out Beasley's fun corn maze and their Old Barn Retail Market.

So if you do have time between tests and assignments this fall, make sure you visit one of these apple orchards near Indianapolis. Check that item off your fall bucket list. You can thank me later.