Fall is here, which inevitably means that the cold and flu is as well. When your friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers begin to get the sniffles, you know that you're bound to fall sick soon. If you're away from your family of chefs and are trying to be an adult for once, do not fear! Whether you live on the East coast, West coast, or down in Texas, we have you covered on where to find the best soup in your state. 

Alabama: Brick and Tin

If the bread bowl itself doesn't sell you, the butternut squash soup will. 

Alaska: Simon and Seafort's Saloon and Grill

House-made and to-die-for, Simon and Seafort's French onion soup or Smoked Salmon Bisque is sure to cure your Fall blues. Don't forget to order some seafood on the side. 

#SpoonTip: If you want to try your hand at making French onion soup, here's a recipe (you're welcome).

Arizona: Gadzooks Enchilada and Soup

All I have to say is spicy potato corn chowder with enchiladas. Best. Cure. Ever. 

Arkansas: Hammontree's Grilled Cheese

If you're a sandwich and soup kinda person, I would highly recommend the tomato and fresh basil soup with the Caprese melt. 

California: San Francisco Soup Company

San Francisco Soup Company has more soup options than my grandmother's kitchen. Whatever your tastebuds are craving, they have it. 

Colorado: Da Kind Soups

Not only can you go and enjoy some soup at their storefront, you can also send a variety of Da Kind Soups to your loved ones for when they're sick and can't leave their bed. 

Connecticut: Soup Thyme

If you're the kind of person who usually has trouble finding your soup of choice on a menu, I promise you will not have that problem here. There are 28 soups on the menu, as well as their soups of the day options. Good luck not finding the soup of your dreams. 

Delaware: Zoup!

Order online or come in-store for a bowl of lemon-basil chicken soup, old fashioned chicken noodle soup, rustic vegetable soup or more options.

Florida: Saigon Deli

Bowls of pho ranging from chicken pho to meatball pho to seafood pho will have your body temperature rising in no time. 

#SpoonTip: Here are some more places to scavenge for soup in Gainesville, FL. 

Georgia: Souper Jenny

Souper Jenny's various locations have Instagram profiles that will post daily updates on the soups of the day so that you're always in the know. 

Hawaii: Asahi Grill 

Choose from miso ramen, "kim chee" ramen, spicy ramen and more varieties to help soothe your sore throat. 

Idaho: Cafe Zupas

Head to their location ASAP for their seasonal Southwest potato and green chili soup. Other soup options include garden chowder, chicken enchilada chili, roasted veggie and quinoa, and more. 

Illinois: Soupbox

New England clam chowder with Cuban black beans, split peas and smoked ham in a bread bowl equals pure happiness and a speedy recovery from the sniffles.

Indiana: Soupremacy

Soups like Chicken Velvet and Italian Kale Parmesan are offered daily, but most of Soupremacy's soups rotate weekly, so make to sure keep track of their offerings by checking their website or calling ahead.

#SpoonTip: Here are some more places to get the best soup in Bloomington. 

Iowa: Heirloom Salad Co.

Cozy up in bed with a bowl of the classic broccoli and cheese or chicken noodle soup — or keep an eye on Heirloom Salad Co.'s rotating schedule of soups to be ready for your favorite.

Kansas: Vietnam Cafe

Pick your poison from a large selection of pho (beef noodle soup), hi tieu (clear noodle soup) and mi tuoi (egg noodle soup). 

Kentucky: The Soup Kitchen

The soup selections change, but the website is updated daily for your convenience. Grab a cup of beef and pasta mushroom soup, cabbage kielbasa soup, Mediterranean mushroom soup, or lemon garden soup. 

Louisiana: Reuben's Soup and Sandwich Co.

If the aesthetic picture isn't convincing enough, this shop's soups will blow you away. Grab a half sandwich if you're feeling up to it to compliment your sizzling soup. 

Maine: Hurricane Deli

Aside from their legendary eggs, Hurricane Deli makes chicken vegetable rice soup, Cajun sweet potato and chicken soup, and an award-winning haddock chowder. 

Maryland: Pho 75 Restaurant

Pho on pho on pho — that is all. 

Massachusetts: Destination Soups

Every time I'm sick I always crave carbs — so when given the choice of a bread bowl to hold my soup, you know that's what I'm ordering.

Michigan: Soup Spoon Cafe

Ask about their "soup flight", where you can taste four different soups of your choice. This is helpful because the next time you feel under the weather, you'll know exactly which one to order.

Minnesota: Crossroads Delicatessen

Whenever I'm sick at home, my mom goes out to our favorite deli to buy matzo ball soup, so of course you can find it at this delicatessen.

Mississippi: Newk's Eatery

Chicken tortilla, broccoli and cheese, or loaded potato are all warm, hearty soups perfect for your sore throat. 

#SpoonTip: Here's a recipe for a five ingredient broccoli cheddar soup.

Missouri: Pho Hoa Noodle Soup

Pho plus tea with tapioca pearls is the best combination ever.

Montana: Pho Ly Asian Cuisine

Great noodle soup and a dash of good luck — what more do you need to start feeling better?

Nebraska: McAlister's Deli

Famous for their stuffed baked potatoes, their country potato soup is just as good, especially if you're feeling a little under-the-weather.

#SpoonTip: Try this potato soup recipe at home.

Nevada: Yosh's Unique Deli

Build your own sandwich at this unique deli and don't forget to add a side of soup – tomato and sweet pepper or a seasonal flavor for sure.

New Hampshire: The Soupery

Soup made from scratch and a big selection to choose from — what else do you need when the cold wind starts blowing?

New Jersey: Ani Ramen House

Hot, cold, spicy, or regular ramen noodles (my personal favorite).

New Mexico: Annie's Soup Kitchen

Allow French onion soup to cure your Fall-induced cold, and don't forget to grab a slice of pie, too. 

New York: Good Stock Soups

Choosing which picture to post from Good Stock Soups was the most difficult decision I've had to make today. That's how amazing their soups look — and taste.

North Carolina: Nasher's Sandwich House

Creamy tortellini soup with chicken meatballs and grilled ciabatta or rustic tomato bisque served with a mini grilled cheese. Yes and yes. 

North Dakota: Josie's Corner Cafe and Bake Shop

Homemade and picture-perfect. 10/10 would recommend. 

Ohio: Fukuryu Ramen

At Fukuryu Ramen, you can find ramen in every beautiful form you could think of.

Oklahoma: Nourished Food Bar

Sign up for their news delivery and get this beautiful butternut squash delivered to your door.

#SpoonTip: If you're feeling up to it, here's a five ingredient butternut squash soup recipe.

Oregon: Portland Kettle

Grandma's chicken noodle soup recipe will definitely be the cure for however bad you're feeling. 

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Soup and Seafood House

Name a more iconic loaded baked potato soup...I'll wait. 

Rhode Island: Hon's House of Noodles

Order your noodle soup online or dine-in. Either way, your sore throat will be sure to go away after getting some of Hon's House of Noodles in your system. 

South Carolina: Ladles Soups

Have you ever heard of lasagna soup? Me neither, until I discovered this gem. Treat yourself one step further and order yourself half a meatball sub. 

South Dakota: Erbert and Gerbert's

This restaurant might have a silly name, but its soup will seriously cure your aching body. 

Tennessee: Holly's Gourmet Market and Cafe

Holly's daily homemade soups will not disappoint — live on the edge and surprise yourself with the soup of the day.

Texas: Kenny and Ziggy's Delicatessen

The world's best cure for any illness ever is a bowl of matzo ball soup.

Utah: The Soup Kitchen Restaurant

At The Soup Kitchen Restaurant, order your soup by the gallon or sit down and enjoy a bowl. 

Vermont: New Moon Cafe

Sausage tortellini soup: the perfect addition to the menu when it comes to the approaching cool weather. 

#SpoonTip: Here's a recipe for ten minute tortellini soup.

Virginia: The Stockpot

Discover vegan-friendly butternut squash soup topped off with homemade granola at The Stockpot. Wow, just wow. 

Washington: Soulful Soups and Spirits

Can't decide which soup to order? Avoid making a decision by going for the soup sampler. 

West Virginia: Christopher's Eats

The cure to a somber soul: sweet potato chicken pot pie with a German chocolate brownie on the side.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Soup Company

When you're feeling a little down, get gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan soups made from local ingredients found at farmers' markets delivered fresh to your door.

Wyoming: Rocky Mountain Mojoe

How can chili not cheer you up? Be sure to grab a bowl at Rocky Mountain Mojoe.

I hope this list helps when it's chilly outside, your throat is aching, and you're just in the mood for a hot cup of soup. Whether you live in the snow storms up North or in heat of the South, soup is always the key to making you feel better.