Ask any of my friends at school: lately, I've been obsessed with my zodiac sign. I'll be the first one to blame my zodiac sign for a random outburst, and I've been known to break out natal charts at parties. So, it's only natural that I'd want to find great places to eat around my campus based on the science of astrology.

Fairfield is a huge restaurant town, so there's plenty places for each zodiac sign to eat. I've tried to narrow it down to the best possible spot based on what each astrological sign gravitates towards. Just make sure your restaurants are compatible if you're going out in a group!

Aries--Bodega Taco Bar

Aries is the first zodiac sign on the list, and they come out guns blazing. If you know any Aries, you'll know that they are fiery, assertive, and ready to play hard. So obviously, Mexican food is where it's at for this sign. I picked Bodega Taco Bar on Post Road for this sign. The Mexican food (and tequila bar!) are just what an Aries is looking for.

The hot, fiery nature of an Aries pairs perfectly with the spicy Mexican dishes at Bodega. Also, Bodega would kick an Aries' natural competitiveness into overdrive--bet you that they'll try and eat the spiciest thing they can find. Also, a lesser known trait of an Aries is their ability to notice chemistry; Bodega's small space is perfect for an Aries to take a prospective date. It'll feel like they're the only two people there!

Bodega Taco Bar, 1700 Post Road, Fairfield CT

Taurus--Colony Grill

I know a ton of Fairfield residents are going to be jealous of this zodiac sign--Colony Grill is definitely a town favorite! Taurus is one of the three Earth signs in the zodiac, which allows for people within this zodiac sign to be grounded, practical, and realistic. But, that in no way means that a Taurus is boring. Though they are grounded, Tauruses are ruled by Venus, which means that beauty and passion are huge in their books. I don't know about you, but I'm sure a ton of college students would label pizza as their passion.

Tauruses also love to work with their hands, and are super loyal. Their loyalty can sometimes translate into an unwillingness to change, but that's where Colony Grill really comes in their favor. This Fairfield staple only offers one entree on the menu: pizza. Sure, the toppings can vary, but a Taurus can walk into Colony and always be happy knowing that their favorite food hasn't left the menu. Plus, the finger food aspect to pizza is perfect for the Taurus' love of taste and touch.

Colony Grill--1520 Post Road, Fairfield CT

Gemini--Las Vetas Lounge

Las Vetas Lounge isn't your typical restaurant, but then again, the Gemini isn't your typical zodiac sign! This quirky coffee shop is the perfect place for all your Gemini friends. Geminis are Air signs, making them super connected to the mind and all things artistic. Naturally, an artsy coffee shop like Las Vetas is totally their vibe.

A Gemini is super inquisitive and creative, but the other side of their personality (the sign of the Gemini is the twins after all) hates to be confined and is often riddled with indecision. But, the bright colors and open space of Las Vetas will satisfy both of these twins. And, if your Gemini friend is ever stuck between two options for food or drink, they can take heart in knowing that the menu is so big--and so inexpensive--that there'll always be another chance to try something new. But, best of all, Las Vetas often brings in live music, perfect for satisfying this zodiac sign's need for art and culture.

Las Vetas Lounge--27 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT

Cancer--Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grille

The Cancer is the cardinal water zodiac sign. A cardinal quality, rather than say a fixed or mutable quality, is the instigator: they're the ones that make things happen. So obviously, a Cancer would take some initiative and book a reservation for Geronimo for your next night out.

The symbol for the Cancer is the crab, so just picture this crab's pincers grabbing on to everything that can make you comfortable, cozy, and happy. The mood lighting and close atmosphere in Geronimo definitely fits that vibe. Cancers are also very sentimental and want to take care of friends, so they'll definitely order a big app to split from Geronimo's huge menu. But, most fitting, is the fact that Geronimo is only a five minute drive from Fairfield's Sasco Beach--perfect for a water sign!

Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grille--2070 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Leo--The Sinclair Kitchen + Bar

The sun rules our solar system, and the Leo zodiac sign, so you better believe this restaurant has to be off-the-charts. Leos are full of take charge attitude: as a fire sign, they know what they want and won't settle for anything less. Leos have a reputation for wanting the best of the best; that boujee attitude might be annoying every once in a while, but when it comes to food, you'll be thankful for all your Leo friends!

Leos are courageous and hate bland food--so the Sinclair will come to every Leo's rescue! I actually got to talk to the owner of the Sinclair recently, and from what he said, their menu won't disappoint! From lobster tail lollipops to bottomless brunch on the weekends, the Sinclair will satisfy every Leo's desire. Plus, the gorgeous decor and chandeliers will definitely add to the ambience!

The Sinclair Kitchen + Bar--1229 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Virgo--B. Good

Fun fact: ya girl over here is a Virgo, so you know I had to pick a restaurant that really matched my zodiac sign. Since I'm a Virgo, I tend to pick on my own sign a lot, especially the fact that we can be kinda uptight, type-A, health nuts. So naturally, B. Good is the perfect spot for all my fellow late-August/September babes.

B. Good consistently works with local farms throughout New England to create community-based, healthy food. The chain provides updated nutritional info on their website, and a bunch of their menu items include superfoods like kale and quinoa. Best of all, the Fairfield B. Good has a huge map of New England on the wall with notes about where their ingredients came from--perfect for earth signs like Virgos to feel connected to the environment around them.

B. Good--1460 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Libra--16 Handles

The symbol for this zodiac sign is the scales, so of course, Libras would have so much fun in a restaurant where their moderation skills would be put to the test. A Libra can walk into this self-serve froyo shop and know that if they load up their cup with candies and cookie crumbs, there's plenty of opportunity to get something lighter and fruity during their next visit.

Libras are the second air sign of the zodiac, between Gemini and Aquarius. A Libra will be able to breeze the creative energy of a Gemini to a more communicative, gentle ambiance nearer to the Aquarius. This quality will open the mind of everyone around the Libra to some new possibilities--maybe a new flavor combo you've never thought of?

16 Handles--1300 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Scorpio--Pizzeria Molto

Scorpios get a lot of flak, but that's just because they're so intense and misunderstood. Scorpios are brooding, passionate, and kinda sexual tbh. So, it definitely makes sense that a Scorpio would gravitate towards one of Fairfield's best date spots.

Scorpios are a passionate and loyal zodiac sign, so they're probs completely devoted to a food as great as pizza. Furthermore, your Scorpio date will love the mood lighting and extensive wine listing. The restaurant turns 21+ after a certain hour of night, so the Scorpio in your life will feel like they have the restaurant--and their date--all to themselves!

Pizzeria Molto--1215 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Sagittarius--Akita Japanese Steakhouse

The Sagittarius is the last fire sign in the zodiac. It is also ruled by Jupiter, the solar system's largest planet. I guess you could say that the Sagittarius is larger than life on all levels. So why not take them to a restaurant that's just as much performance art as well as a foodie destination? Akita on Kings Highway in Fairfield is a fusion sushi and hibachi restaurant, perfect for a Sagittarius' performative streak.

Sagittariuses are the archers of the zodiac, so they love everything daring and fast-paced. The loud noises, flying food, and high energy of hibachi is perfect for this zodiac sign. They'll love catching the chopped veggies off the spatula of the cook--and they'll love teasing whoever can't catch the vegetable just as much. (Sorry guys, Sagittariuses aren't known for being super serious). And as an added plus, the giant fish tank that wraps around the door of Akita will be perfect to connect your favorite Sagittarius back to their outdoorsy, nature-y side.

Akita Japanese Steakhouse--451 King's Highway East, Fairfield, CT

Capricorn--Old Post Tavern

It's no wonder a Virgo and a Capricorn get along so well--the Capricorn is the biggest planner of the zodiac. As an earth sign, the Capricorn is practical, hard-working, and bent on following their plans to a T. A Capricorn still knows when to let loose, but they always want to do so on the fancier side. So, the Old Post Tavern is the perfect spot for all your Capricorn friends, especially if you're looking for a new brunch spot!

There's an air of prestige and exclusivity when you walk into the Old Post Tavern. All of the waiters are great to their customers and are never snobby, but with the large glass windows and open floor plan, your Capricorns will feel like celebrities when they sit down to eat. The brunch menu in particular is great for a Capricorn: it happens at the same time every week, the food is accessible but still super elegant (steak and eggs, anyone?), and the cocktails would fit right in in high society.

Old Post Tavern--1418 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Aquarius--Flipside Burgers and Bar

The Aquarius is the most innovative and eccentric zodiac sign. The final air sign of the zodiac, the Aquarius blends the creativity of the Gemini and the social aspect of the Libra to create a totally unique personality with a taste for a unique restaurant. Flipside is a Fairfield favorite, and for good reason. The menu allows for you to create pretty much whatever burger you could dream up, which would allow the Aquarius to satisfy every craving.

But, where Flipside really shines is its specialty burgers. Some highlights are the Burrata Burger, the Mac n' Cheese Burger, and the Elvis Burger (yes, it has peanut butter). If you're heading to Flipside with an Aquarius that's a little more thirsty than hungry, you can order one of Flipside's "Monster" drinks, a 60 ounce drink that can be shared between 2-4 people. An Aquarius knows that a great way to win over friends is a drink to share! But don't worry, if you don't feel like drinking, the comfortable seating and outdoor seating is perfect for making friends as well!

Flipside Burgers and Bar--1125 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Pisces--Brick + Wood

The Pisces, the final zodiac sign, is all about compassion, imagination, and opening their hearts to others--so is it any surprise that the Pisces would love a restaurant whose tagline is "Love, Life, and Pizza?" Brick + Wood knows that pizza heals all emotional wounds, something that Pisces are great at. Additionally, Brick + Wood is consistently voted one of Fairfield's best date spots, so this restaurant is perfect for the romantic side of your favorite Pisces.

The Pisces is the third and final water sign in the zodiac, so they are known to combine the sentimentality of the Cancer and the forcefulness of the Scorpio. So what does that mean in terms of pizza? With a Pisces, you'll always have someone cheering you on to finish that last piece of pizza. Sometimes Pisces are called out for being flaky (they are the fish after all, so they do have a tendency to swim in and out of your life), but if you take them to a romantic, cozy place like Brick + Wood, this zodiac sign will always stick by your side.

Brick + Wood--1275 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Okay, okay, I know some of my fellow Stags might be a little sad if their favorite restaurant didn't make the list. The zodiac chart only has twelve signs, so I did the best I could! That said, don't be afraid to try somewhere new and see if that place proves to be a compatible match!