I've always felt incredibly lucky to live in the Fairfield because of the wealth of new restaurants that seem to crop up. While I do have my own kitchen and a meal plan, there's something just so relaxing about not having to scrounge something up from my pantry every night. So, when I learned that The Sinclair had opened up in Fairfield, I knew I had to check it out. I had the opportunity to sit down with owner Nick Racanelli to ask him how this amazing new Fairfield staple came to be--and more importantly, why you should go!

A Fairfield Family Success Story

As soon as I walked into The Sinclair and sat down, I knew that this place was bound to be a Fairfield staple. Not only is the restaurant gorgeous (picture chandeliers, blue and white china, and a chic/vintage subway tile backsplash), but all of the staff was super welcoming. Before I got the chance to introduce myself to Racanelli, he was at the gleaming, upscale bar greeting other customers. I got the impression that he really takes pride in knowing who his customers are, and having a conversation with him as soon as they got through the door.

As it turns out, there's a reason that Nick Racanelli is so great with the Fairfield crowd--The Sinclair isn't Racanelli's first rodeo. While the idea for The Sinclair itself, as Racanelli put it, really came from "filling a need from the landlord," the Racanelli family actually owns or helped build some of Fairfield's most popular spots. If you're a fan of Pizzeria Molto, or Pronto Chop Shop, you have the Racanellis to thank. They own Molto and helped build Pronto!

What's Different About The Sinclair?

So, if you already have stakes in two of Fairfield's most popular restaurants, why bring a new business venture into the mix? The answer is really two-fold for Racanelli. Fairfield was "more than anything, a town [I] wanted to move to" he said. Racanelli and his wife know and love the area, so it just made sense to start a new restaurant in a spot they felt so connected to.

And, even more than that, Racanelli felt there was a need for some American-style cuisine on the Fairfield foodie scene. Molto is one of many great places in Fairfield to go for Italian food. Our lil' suburb also has plenty of places to go for pan-Asian food. I mean come on, we even have multiple locations for vegetarians and vegans.

The Sinclair fills the need for an American-style menu, a menu that "works with a lot of flavors that don't have restrictions." From pork mac and cheese, to buffalo-style cauliflower, to lobster lollipops, the possibilities are really endless! And just as an added fun fact, Racanelli takes some serious pride in the fact that The Sinclair kettle cooks their mussels and serves them right in the pot. You won't find that at any other restaurant in Fairfield!

Okay...But Can Fairfield U Students Get in on The Fun?

In a word? Absolutely! I asked Racanelli how he was navigating opening a new restaurant in a college town. College students often have a reputation for wanting to get in, get out, and not pay too much for their food. According to Racanelli, catering to college students "didn't really come onto [his] radar" when opening The Sinclair. That's not to say that The Sinclair is inaccessible for college students, but rather that any patron of the restaurant can enjoy the fare regardless of their age.

The Sinclair is a great place for Parents' Weekend, graduation dinners, or just a casual night out for dinner and drinks with some friends. The seasonal menus are super affordable and cooked from scratch. Appetizers start at just $4.50 and wines can start as low as $5 a glass. And, even better, The Sinclair definitely fits the college student vibe. As Racanelli would say, it's "sexy, fun, and affordable. What else do you need?"

Some Last Minute Fast Facts

Still not convinced by The Sinclair's vibe, affordability, or menu? How does brunch with bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys sound? If you're part of the 21+ club, your weekends just got a whole lot more fun thanks to The Sinclair. Uber over from campus, or walk from your beach house--trust me, you'll be so glad you did. Nothing makes you feel classier than drinking a mimosa with good friends in a restaurant as beautiful as this one!

After speaking to owner Nick Racanelli, I can say with confidence that The Sinclair should be your next must-try spot in Fairfield. This place has it all: a large menu, low prices, and boozy weekend brunches. Life is so short, so why deny yourself a hot, new restaurant when you have the chance? You'll probably thank me in a few months when it'll be impossible to book a reservation.