Astrology enthusiasts will be ecstatic. We have come up with our list of the ideal restaurants in Lexington, Va. that you should visit based on your zodiac sign. You can thank us later.

ARIES: Mano Taqueria

Hannah Bettis

Always energized, Aries are lovers of all things spicy. However, they are constantly on the move, so don’t have time to waste eating a long meal. What better place for them then Mano? Quick service, awesome food, and an ideal way to satisfy the craving for spice. Want a challenge? Try all of their hot sauce flavors, from most mild to flaming hot.

TAURUS: Bistro on Main

Melinda Kauffman

True culinary critics, Tauruses are all about maximizing their dining experience. Subpar meals will not suffice. Unlike Aries, Taurus loves making eating an uninterrupted event. Want a sense-sparking dinner? Head on over to Bistro and order one of their Specialty Entrees. Your taste buds will be singing praises. 

GEMINI: Niko’s Grille.

Bridget Washington

Geminis love the social experience that comes with eating out almost more than the food itself. They like a restaurant where they can enjoy their meal with loved ones at a steady pace. No rush. When it comes to food, variety is key. Niko’s Grille has all of the above, so Geminis will absolutely adore it.


To Cancer, food is an art form. Lovers of home-cooked meals, they have developed an appreciation for spectacular flavor. They are known to buy only the highest quality ingredients when they do the cooking, and when they go out to eat, there is no settling for less than great. Priding itself for its farm-to-table cuisine, The Red Hen is the perfect place for this star sign.

LEO: Haywood’s

Melinda Kauffman

Leos love food - luxurious food at that. Thriving off of lavish meals, they will often be seen eating out. They love to eat in company and tend to opt for a few big meals a day. Feeling hungry? Haywood’s is the ideal spot to grab a group of friends and enjoy some fine dining. Be sure to save room for dessert! Try a slice of one of their scrumptious cakes, and you won't regret it.

VIRGO: Blue Phoenix

Bridget Washington

Virgos often need to be careful about what they eat due to their sensitive stomachs. Eating lots of vegetables is beneficial for their digestion, so the best restaurant to try is Blue Phoenix, an entirely vegan restaurant in Downtown Lexington. Try the Trail Magic Salad (pictured above), with nearly every vegetable imaginable, baked tofu, and topped with their house-made hummus. For more vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Lexington, check this article out!

LIBRA: Sweet Things

Melinda Kauffman

Libras are known to cherish eating meals. They love not just the act of eating, but also the whole process of ordering, chatting, and enjoying their environment. Born Libras often depend on sweets for survival and happiness, and if they had to choose between their entree and dessert, they would choose to skip the main course and jump right to the sweets. When in Lexington, Libras must take a trip to Sweet Things and try a scoop (or more) of their specialty ice cream. Popular flavors include Oreo and Mint Chocolate Chip (and don't even get us started on their homemade waffle cones).

SCORPIO: The Palms

Melinda Kauffman

Always hungry, Scorpios like a restaurant that will be open late. They are also picky and will refuse to eat something that is not prepared to their acquired taste. The Palms is the best restaurant for Scorpios because they have the best of both worlds: long hours AND great food. What more could you ask for?


pad thai, rice, peanut, sauce, chicken
Hannah Latour

People born a Sagittarius are known to be curious, so unique tastes tend to really spark their interests. They find great pleasure in experimenting with different flavors. If you were born a Sagittarius, Napa Thai is the place for you. What's more exotic than Thai food?

CAPRICORN: Southern Inn

Melinda Kauffman

No matter how busy they are, Capricorns always make time for a good meal. Their exquisite tastes lead them toward only the finest of cuisines that they can find. While flavors are of paramount importance, they also require a comfortable setting for their culinary experiences. With its delicious dishes and pleasant atmosphere decked out with unique canvases on the walls and white tablecloths, Southern Inn is the place to be.


bacon, cheese, cheddar, beef, bun, onion
Caroline Ingalls

Aquarians eat whatever comes their way. They will enjoy any food at any time, which is why they appreciate restaurants that are open 24/7. Cook Out is the optimal place for them to go, whether they merely desire a milkshake or want an entire platter. Want more late night eats? Check out this article for more locations in Lexington!


Pisces are born lovers of food and the joy that comes with it. They come to adore specific meals and use food to show their love for others and grow their relationships with their loved ones. They appreciate fine dining, which is why Rocca is the best option for them to choose. With its stylish menu and contemporary setting, Rocca will please any Pisces.

By listening to your zodiac sign, you are bound to find a new favorite spot to dine whenever you are wondering where to eat in Lexington. All you have to do is follow the stars to find fantastic flavors!