If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Ann Arbor, you may wonder where you should stop and get some food. While looking around, you may become overwhelmed by the variety of incredible restaurants all over the city. But fear not—your Zodiac sign can decide for you. 

Aries: Seoul Street

As a fire sign, Aries want food that's new, hot, and energizing—just like them. This fire sign is always willing and excited to be pushed out of their comfort zone. Seoul Street is a Korean restaurant that takes classic Korean dishes and modernizes them in a unique, tasty way. Well known for their Korean-style fried chicken (their website says: "Best Fried Chicken in Ann Arbor!!!"), their menu caters to those of all different kinds of diets including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Aries are not afraid to experiment with new dishes to expand their palate, which makes Seoul Street a perfect place to stop in for something special.

Taurus: Pizza House

If you're a Taurus, you know how to enjoy any and all types of food, specifically bread and desserts. You look to food for comfort, which also means you want the environment in which you dine to have the same feeling. Your restaurant is Pizza House, home of their (famous) milkshakes to be paired with your choice of a delicious dish of pizza, pasta, or even just bread. It has a warm and cozy atmosphere that is perfect (especially in the winter time). Taurus, you will be completely relaxed and in your element while chowing down on some of the best pizza in town.

Gemini: PoCai

Gemini, you are someone who enjoys creative, crazy creations more than any other plate. Some may say you're picky, but you just have an eye for everything people are missing out on. PoCai, a fairly new and incredible food establishment in Ann Arbor, has some of the most diverse and delicious menu items such as poke bowls, açaí bowls, and parfaits. These are perfect for someone who is constantly keeping themselves busy (yes, still you Geminis) because they have all of their items available for you to grab and go at your convenience.

Cancer: Grange Kitchen & Bar

We all know a Cancer in our lives who is in love with food and creating their own masterpieces. They prefer bigger servings for maximum flavor and enjoyment from their meal. Especially if you like brunch (because who doesn't), Cancers will love Grange Kitchen and Bar. A majority of their ingredients come from local farms, which means their menus change every so often in order to work with the freshest ingredients they have. Their dishes are far from generic (for example, their grilled, house-made chorizo contains dates and blue cheese). While their food is on the pricey side, Cancers will appreciate the culinary creativity behind each meal and realize it's worth every penny. Oh, and did I mention they also have a bar?

Leo: West End Grill

Leos are always willing to splurge on an expensive meal. Some people may view their tastes as "snobbish," but Leos prefer the finer things in life. For the Leos who love a diverse menu and don't mind spending a bit more for their food, The West End Grill is your go-to spot. They serve steaks, an array of seafood, and high-quality kinds of wine. This place is perfect for a Leo's date night, dinner with family, or a place to splurge on themselves. Whatever your reason, you will not be disappointed.

Virgo: Afternoon Delight

Virgos are creative when it comes to their work in the kitchen, but when going out to eat, comfort food is at the top of their list. It may feel as though they are "cheating" on a diet, but it is always worth it. If you're in the mood to have a classic breakfast or lunch food with a twist, let your heart lead you to Afternoon Delight. In a city full of intense dishes with a price tag that makes you wince, this diner is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy anything from sandwiches, cinnamon French toast, to an array of desserts. Take the time to relax from your busy schedule with some of the best omelettes in Ann Arbor.

Libra: Tios Mexican Café

Libras love eating and the social aspect that surrounds it. Restaurants that offer appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, and desserts are a Libra's heaven. Having a little bit of everything (but a lot of the delicious dessert) is the enjoyment they get from eating. Tios Mexican Café and Tequila Bar has countless selections to choose from. Whether you want an appetizer as your meal or a little bit of everything, they have the dish for you. The atmosphere is lively, comfortable, and the best place to be with a large group of people. Libra, if you find yourself in this fine establishment, a word of advice: treat yourself to their dessert menu.

Scorpio: Aventura

Scorpios are lovers of spicy and creative foods. They adore the combinations that can be made in the kitchen, even when they aren't the ones cooking. Sometimes they can be a bit picky about their food, so they like to have many options and available substitutions to suit their needs. Aventura, a highly rated Spanish restaurant, has the food to accommodate a Scorpio's desires. They have small plates, main plates, and even sharing ones, too. Each of their menu items comes with a mixture of unique flavors, specifically with some spice. Every time you go to this restaurant you may order a new item just to see the extent of what their cooks can do.

Saggitarius: Seva

Those born under the Sagittarius sign are lovers of a high-protein diet but can never resist their favorite sweets. Typically, they prefer healthier options such as whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Which is why Seva, a mainly vegan restaurant in Ann Arbor, has the perfect menu for such tastes. And yes, there are many options on the menu to accommodate those who need a lot of protein in their diet (trust me—tofu prepared right will change your life). They have everything from burritos, grilled cheese, and an endless list of delicious sides. They have a menu that’s all gluten-free, a kid’s menu, and a dessert menu featuring their Apple-Custard Tart that will wow your taste buds. 

Capricorn: Frita Batidos

Capricorns are busy people who love quality time with family, especially when it comes to meals. Traditional, tasty dishes are what they love most (not to mention salty). Frita Batidos is a Cuban restaurant with a menu completely inspired from Cuban street food. They put a bit of an American twist on all of their dishes in order to compete with other burger places in the area; however, no other burger joint is going to have the unique Cuban flare to their meals. It is a great place to be with family in a warm, relaxed environment. The restaurant prides themselves on hospitality and friendliness, which is exactly what a Capricorn needs to get away from with their busy schedule.

Aquarius: The Lunch Room

Aquarius representatives are born with a humanitarian nature, which leads some of them to be vegetarians or vegans. If you don't identify as either of these, don't worry, because The Lunch Room has incredible dishes even the biggest lovers of meat could not resist. Their innovative approach to vegetables and fruit in everyday meals is something to be impressed by. While they do have salads, they also have soups, burgers, and other entrees that do not solely involve leafy greens. Those born under this sign love to try unique dishes they have yet to explore. Aquarius, if you are ever around Ann Arbor and want to eat a healthier, yet satisfying meal, The Lunch Room will not let you down.

Pisces: The Earle

Pisces are oftentimes concerned most with love and adoration for not only other people but for food as well. They love to make people happy and show how much they truly care about them in any way possible. The Earle is an upscale restaurant that serves French and Italian food. For those Pisces who have a taste for wine, The Earle offers a wine list with over 1,200 options. This is the perfect restaurant to have a date night with someone you fancy or to have a nice evening with someone you care about. They also have live jazz five nights a week which adds to the romantic atmosphere. Regardless of your reasoning, Pisces, you will thrive in this environment.

If you don't agree with what your sign says, there are dozens of restaurants for everyone's tastebuds. Enjoy your stay in the lovely city and get lost in the abundance of delicious food.