We’ve all been there: stumbling up and down South U at 1 in the morning, looking for your phone and your fracket (it’s gone forever, btw), pushing your way through the animalistic crowd outside of Rick’s, all so you can get to Pizza House’s welcoming double doors, glowing under the soft yellow spotlights. The golden handles glisten like the gates of heaven and you know you’ve arrived. But once you’re inside, the smell of greasy drunchies flirts with your stomach and indecision hits. Do you follow your heart and order the cheesy bread with an Oreo milkshake? Or should you reunite with your old-flame, the personal pizza? Take this quiz and question no more.

  1. Which 90's song best sums up your night?

  2. How much have you had to drink tonight?

  3. Which of these condiments makes you feel the most saucy?

  4. Pick a movie.

  5. Where are you going to spend Sunday studying?


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