In the foodie bubble of Ann Arbor, it's easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find your next bite to eat. With the endless possibilities of restaurants and different cuisines that Michigan has to offer, it would be nearly impossible to hit every single stop in your four years here, let alone order all of the best dishes offered from your favorite stops. How are you supposed to choose between Korean barbecue, a yummy deli sandwich, and the newest sushi roll? 

Luckily, the choice between fast, fresh, and delicious options on campus is now nonexistent. PoCai, Ann Arbor's hottest new restaurant, showcases four favorite dishes of students across the country: poké bowls, açaí bowls, fresh salads, and various toasts. 

Express Eats

Sarah Kleppe

PoCai, located on the corner of Packard and Woodlawn Avenue, lives their motto of "handheld healthy." Their on-the-go bowls, parfaits, and toasts are packaged conveniently in snappy, compostable containers that make them easy to take away, store for an after-class meal, or pop open right outside their shop to enjoy Michigan's fall weather. 

Their menu, though simple, contains lots of variation for restaurant goers to customize their meal: poké bowls come with multiple options for protein, toasts are constantly changing to include new flavors, and açaí bowls have toppings on toppings to add. 

Healthy, but Familiar

Alyson Chatterjee

While PoCai has their constant staples, like their Avocado Toast and Tuna Poké, the menu is constantly shifting to feature seasonal hits or new mastermind creations made by the incredible chef team. Their Bananas Foster yogurt parfait, pictured above, has sweet remnants of summer with their carmelized bananas while introducing the fall season with their crunchy granola. 

Some of PoCai's newest menu items include a pumpkin toast, with tahini and a masala hummus topped with a lemon carrot slaw. They plan on keeping everyone's favorites constantly available but are excited to change their menu as seasons come and go, and new ideas ebb and flow into their workspace.

The Future of PoCai 

As PoCai becomes more and more of a campus hotspot, the owners plan to take on a bigger space closer to central campus. Until then, they are in the process of working out delivery options for students and locals of Ann Arbor. 

Whether you're looking for an afternoon snack, lunch to have on your way to class, or a hearty post-exam dessert, make sure to make the walk to PoCai to treat your belly to the delicious food they've got to offer.