If you are a loyal red fox you will definitely know Lola's. Lola's is the heaven for brunch seekers or the tasty reward at the end of your walk on the Walkway Over the Hudson.

The struggle of deciding what to order is real. You probably stand in front of the menu for hours and end up ordering the same thing. Ever wondered  about an order based on what you are studying? Here is the list

History major: Lola’s Burger

As a history major you're interested in the classic aspects of life. You prefer the old fashioned style of eating and therefore the classic burger is your perfect fit. Before the avocado, toast and quinoa trends, burgers were the real deal. What's more historical than a good burger?

cheese, bacon
Camilla Caffo

Athletic Training: Any good salad

You like sports and aspire to be a good coach for your team. To be healthy and at the top of your game you have to eat power food. And what's healthier then the perfect combination of vegetables, fruit and protein?

salad, strawberry, chicken
Camilla Caffo

Fashion major: Turkey Brie Panini

As a Fashion design or merchandising major you are always on the hunt for the perfect means of self-expression. You seek the perfect combination of color and textures for the next trend just the colors and the different combinations in the Turkey Brie Panini. There's green for the arugula, bright deep purple for the blackberry jam, and a creamy white color from the brie cheese to suit your artistic vision. 

lettuce, meat, salad, chicken, bread, vegetable, sandwich
Camilla Caffo

Computer science: Black Bean Burger

For your extra hard working brain you need a sandwich that will give your taste buds something extra special. Black beans are a huge source of protein with a kick of chipotle mayo and a major source of power for your brain.

Education: Short Rib Grilled Cheese

Education Majors surround themselves with children and train the next future leaders of the country. What can better connect you with children than grilled cheese?

chicken, cheese, sauce
Camilla Caffo

International Business: Asian Chicken

 As a business major part of your job will involve traveling and being knowledgeable of different cultural customs. With major international business occurring in Asia you can start getting your taste buds accustomed with this tasty Asian Chicken Salad.

Biology: Spicy Peanut Noodles Bowl

 You're working hard to one day save the environment and protecting biodiversity so vegetables are a necessary aspect of your diet. With a hint of black sesame seeds, you'll get a jolt of energy to help you get through the late night lab work.

spaghetti, bacon
Camilla Caffo

Italian: Chicken Bruschetta

For the cravings that you get from the memories of your study abroad in Florence here's the perfect panini to cheer you up and makes you love the amazing european country even more.

sandwich, cheese, tomato, chicken
Camilla Caffo

Media Arts and Production: Chipotle Turkey Panini

What goes into a good movie? Great talent and design. As a superstar producer in the works, you are learning and practicing your skills to blend different components into an amazing piece of art. One great muse for your next work is the Chipotle Turkey Panini. 

Communication: The Red Fox Wrap

It's a popular major on campus and your goal is to spread your message to the masses. There's no better way to represent your message than the use of a wrap especially tying the different ingredients together. 

spaghetti, pasta, chicken
Camilla Caffo