Are you a vegan, vegetarian, or just someone who loves eating healthy? You are going to want to come to Panama City ASAP to try these restaurants and shops. 

When visiting a country for a few days, it is hard to know what restaurants suit your diet, and where is the best place to go. This guide is for all vegans, veggies, and healthy eaters visiting Panama who want to know where is the best place for them. 

Most of the restaurants on this list also offer gluten and lactose-free options for those who like eating everything, but have some food restrictions.

1. Karma Cafe

My ultimate favorite is Karma. Everything is vegan (yes the nachos pictured above are vegan and delicious), and you not only can sit down and eat there, but you can also buy dips, natural juices, empanadas, coffee, matcha lattes, and veggie burgers to make at home! 

Their everyday menu is mainly sandwiches and burgers, but they also have a special soup and dish for every day of the week. On Saturdays, we brunch. Every Saturday is a different brunch menu, but my personal favorite is dim sum. You're lucky if you get to go when they are serving it. 

2. Atmana 

Vegan Mexican dip? Yes, please. Atmana is famous for their cold-pressed juices, dips, and lunch dishes. Although this is not a place to sit and eat, you can order your food and pick it up. 

3. El Mercadito Bioligico

Veggie, vegans and healthy eaters can all eat here since their menu has a variety of options. El Mercadito Biologico serves breakfast and lunch, and it also has a small store for you to buy their products. You can eat there or go and buy smoothies to-go. My personal favorite is the veggie siumai (pictured above) and the chicken wrap with a cold and delicious smoothie. 

4. Pro Health Shop

The perfect place to eat and shop, Pro Health Shop has options for those who like eating healthy, but with meat, and for the vegan and vegetarian out there as well. You can shop for different products like matcha powder and goji berries, or you can sit down and eat. 

My favorite is the quinoa bowl with steak and a matcha latte. The best part of all of this is that you can enjoy the latte and then go into the store and take the powder with you so you can make your latte at home! 

5. Vitali

For starters, they have a delicious guac with sweet potatoes. For entrees, they have my favorite: the veggie burger with sweet potatoes and a cold-pressed juice. Vitali is meatless, but it does have fish for pescatarians or for those who eat everything. There's also vegan and gluten-free options on the menu. 

You can walk in and buy one of their cold-pressed juices or iced coffee with almond milk to go, or you can find a table and enjoy one of their delicious dishes on the menu. 

It's time to pack your bags and travel to Panama City to try these delicious guilt-free restaurants!