Although Paris takes the title for "City of Love", Boston most definitely knows how to do Valentine's Day right. It's February, and when love is in the air there should be red velvet treats in our mouths. Red velvet flavoring has morphed into desserts of all shapes and sizes, and in doing so has made its way into the hearts of many. What's better than the sweet cream cheese frosting and chocolatey pairing of red velvet, you ask? Nothing. The real question here is which Boston cafe/bakery/restaurant does it best... So let's do Valentine's Day in Boston: red velvet edition and find your new favorite red velvet dessert fix below!


Both Blackbird and Kane's are well known for their handcrafted donut delicacies. You may even hear fellow Bostonians pick a favorite. Nonetheless, they both prepare a dense and moist red velvet cake donut. Blackbird prides themselves on their cream cheese frosting whereas Kane's goes for the glazed approach. Take your pick. 


Are you team cake or team cupcake? I'd say it depends on how hungry I am. Locally-owned Oakleaf Cakes brings out their heart-shaped pans for this heartfelt holiday. Their batter alone looks finger-licking good, look at that pink! Although not local, Boston loves to share their love for Georgetown Cupcakes with DC. These cupcakes are a must-have during every major holiday, how can you say no to their perfected recipe?


A college student 2am favorite across the city of Boston. Especially when Valentine's Day night has gone wrong or unexpectedly amazing, the solution is always cookies. Insomnia has never failed our late-night cravings, and their red velvet cookie is the modern-day love potion. I agree with HIMYM star Ted Moseby when he says, "nothing good comes after 2am", but I think these cookies can be an exception.


The freak shake craze has been around for a while, but doesn't fail to make BBC a longtime favorite. This red velvet shake is perfect for two, but you may have to fight over who gets what shake topper. The conversation hearts on the glass rim are a timeless touch that ties the whole presentation together. No other milkshake screams "I love you" like this one.

Milk Bar

Even though it's not natively from Boston, they have a Cambridge storefront and will most definitely deliver TO Boston, it was definitely worth including Momofuku Milk Bar. This New York native dessert brand is worth the hype and the price, making it a perfect Valentine's Day present. You can never go wrong with gifting the flavor of red velvet, especially when there's a seven layer cake involved. The truffles make for a simpler treat, but don't be fooled, they're just as delicious. 

Regardless of how you celebrated your Valentine's Day, the love stays in the air all month long. So keep up with your galentine's celebrations, your daring Tinder dates, and your serious relationships, and make everyone happier with a little red velvet in your life. Want more ways to celebrate Valentine's Day? Check out these articles: V-Day Ice Cream Picks, V-Day Charcuterie Board, and a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe