Valentine’s Day usually means lame chocolates or flowers that don't make it past a week. But what about ice cream? What better treat for chocolate lovers, ice cream lovers, and even those who love to treat themselves, than some Valentine’s Day ice cream treats? Well, lucky for you, Talenti, Magnum Ice Cream, and Breyers have got you covered this season. No matter if your Valentine is a chocolate stan, ice cream queen, or the lover of all things pink, there’s a perfect treat just for them.

For the Traditionalists


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Talenti Strawberry Shortcake Gelato Layers. This new pink and white treat combines five layers of strawberry gelato, shortbread pieces, and tart strawberry rhubarb sauce. Dive deep into these rich layers from Talenti.

For Those Who Like to Get Fancy


Get right to business, (I mean snacking) with Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars. Inspired by the rich, sweet decadence of chocolate truffles, Magnum ice cream introduces its first Ice Cream Truffle Bars in three flavors, MINI Dark Chocolate Truffle, MINI Berry Truffle, and Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle. These treats are great for sharing, just make sure to give the last one to your Valentine.


If you want to keep it fancy, but make things a little sweeter, try Magnum Double Red Velvet Tubs. Magnum’s signature chocolate cracking shell, Chocolate ganache sauce, swirled throughout cream cheese ice cream and topped with red velvet cake crumbles and white chocolate pieces. Sharing not required, two spoons optional.

For the Chocolate Lovers


Start things off with some Breyers Chocolate Pretzel Swirl. Featuring a rich chocolate ice cream, salted pretzel swirl, and chunks of real chocolate chips mixed throughout. This new frozen treat is the perfect balance of sweet and salty.


Don’t forget to also try Breyers Double Chocolate Brownie Batter. This new offering combines classic chocolate Breyers with a rich brownie batter swirl and real brownie dough pieces mixed throughout. It’s like brownie inception.