For those who haven't opened their Instagram feeds in a while, Poké  has totally taken over as the hottest new menu item. Basically it is a salad made with raw seafood like tuna, salmon, octopus, or shellfish. This Hawaiian dish is usually eaten as an appetizer or as a main course. Traditional poke is heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian foods and is growing in popularity in the Tampa Bay area with several restaurants devotees like Poké Rose in Tampa, Poké Café in Dunedin, and PIN Wok&Bowl in downtown St. Petersburg. Rather than spending money on gas (or parking) to get your fix, a new location has opened just around the corner from USF, U Poké Spot. BLESS UP!

Alexandria Jones

Totally Fetch

USF undergrads, prepare to flock. With a combination of contemporary hiphop/rap playlist, U Poké Spot is the place to go when you need a change of scenery from the dining hall and are in search of healthier options than provided on-campus.

Ordering from the menu is simple. Guests have two options when placing an order for a bowl: customize their own or order a signature bowl. I recommend the Hawaiian Classic bowl since if you are looking to play it safe for your first time - then grow to be a more adventurous on your next visit(s).

Alexandria Jones

Play It Safe or Go Bold

The Hawaiian Classic bowl combines ahi tuna with vegetables like onions and cucumber, masago (eggs from the capelin fish), avocado (say goodbye to my future mortgage), and mango salsa, topped with a hijiki mix with spicy Poké sauce. Customers have several options for a base and another topping for signature bowls. I went with brown rice and seaweed powder.

The Poké sauce is tangy and transforms the fish from under the sea into a burst of tropical flavors. The sharp flavors of the mango salsa were complimented with a sweet and fruity element. I’d never heard of masago before eating this and I’m positive, if this was any other incident, the thought of eating fish eggs on anything would deter me from indulging instantly. The soft, bright orange eggs burst with every bite. Cucumbers and avocado brought a cool factor to the bowl since their distinctive tastes don’t compete with the others. With all the softness, it's crunchiness wrapped the bowl in a perfect bow.

U Poké Spot has opened its doors and is taking in all those who are ready to taste the latest trend and gtf away from the dining hall. Get out of your rut, shock your taste buds, and expand your food horizons.