So I'm sure you've heard about poké bowls but have you ever heard of a poké bowl that transports you to two of the best vacation spots in the world – Hawaii and California? Doesn't that sound like paradise? Well, it can be a reality at Ottawa's brand new poké bowl spot, Paradise Poké

Being the first of its kind in Ottawa, Paradise strove to be the benchmark for other similar spots to come. They didn't just want to be another poké bowl spot, they wanted to provide an escape in the big city.

Photo courtesy of Paradise Poké

Ryan Moleiro, one of the Paradise Poké's owners said the "goal was to create a little bit of paradise in the middle of Ottawa" and an escape from Ottawa's harsh winters.

It's brand-spanking-new, refreshing and let's not forget - Instaworthy. It's definitely the place to be for those looking to up their Instagram aesthetic.

As of right now, Paradise Poké serves the two of the healthiest meals out there – poké (just as its name suggests) and açaí bowls. Both of these are super jam-packed with healthy and fresh ingredients.

"We source the very best ingredients to create fresh, raw, bowls that are high in protein, low-caloric and most importantly, packed with flavour," said Moleiro. "We also have açaí bowls on our menu – the super fruit smoothie bowl is a perfect healthy option to satisfy your sweet tooth."

So whether you're in for some savoury or sweet goodness, Paradise has got you covered in the healthiest way possible.

Similar to a lot of other poké spots around, Paradise lets you pick and choose the ingredients you want in your bowls. There's everything you can think of if you're planning to be healthy or not.

Paradise also has a menu of suggested poké and açaí bowl combinations, which they designed themselves such as The Royal Hawaiian or The Point Break. These options make it a lot easier when you're incredibly worried about what ingredients would taste great together.

Just so you know, this place is dead-serious about providing the best. The owners, Moleiro and Tyler Scherer, have over 30 years of restaurant industry working experience and took the time to conduct thorough poké bowl experience.

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Denise Uy

They travelled back-and-forth Hawaii and Los Angeles finding the best poké bowl flavours, which sounds like the best job ever. They also contacted Chef Peter Mcknight from The Ace in Toronto to create an amazingly healthy menu, which strives to incorporate both the traditions of Hawaii and the "veggie-forward" dishes of California.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this paradise... So colourful, so lively, so beautiful.

The #aesthetic level is strong in this one.

Ottawa's first specialized poké bowl spot proved to be in high demand as they sold out almost immediately on their very first day of opening. 

If you love eating out for the aesthetic or just love being health-conscious, give Paradise a try. Hit them up at 134 Bank Street to experience para-para-paradise.