Trying to plan some delectable nights out for the new year? This is the perfect dinner guide for when you want to spend some time with family or friends from out of town. Show them all the gold gems in the Windy City and you will have them coming back for more. To properly say that one spent time in Chicago, these top dinner restaurants in downtown Chicago will have to be visited. 

Pegasus Restaurant and Taverna:

 This restaurant on Halsted St. in Greektown offers Mediterranean food with a view of Chicago's skyline. Walk inside and be swept away by wall murals and bright blue coloring transporting clientele to Greece.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder:

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder, or "CPOG", puts a twist on Chicago's deep dish pizza. CPOG came up with it's original pizza-pot-pies, attracting both tourists and natives alike.

#SpoonTip: Get your comfy shoes on and be prepared for at least a one hour wait. Sorry, no reservations possible.

Pequod's/Giordano's Pizzeria/Lou Malnati's: 

Want the classic Chicago experience? Then consider any of these three restaurants as the first spots to be knocked off from this list. They are praised for their deep dish pizza with toppings of all sorts.

Au Cheval:

This exquisite open kitchen diner has a passion for intricate burgers topped with eggs and brisket. Here you can find juicy bone marrow, traditional to specialized burgers, and chopped chicken liver.

However if you're really just wanting to grab a drink, look no further than Au Cheval's bar right next to the dark brown leather booths. With their elaborate and strong classic cocktails you will be laughing and talking the night away.

Nothing can keep you away from this infamous vintage, rustic, and reel-to-reel of a restaurant. Especially when the atmosphere makes you feel like a million bucks. 

Girl and the Goat & Duck Duck Goat:

These two restaurants are part of a larger company called Boka Restaurant Group. Both are catered by the astounding Bravo's Top Chef's celeb, Stephanie Izard.  Izard was named as one of Food and Wine Magazine's "Best New Chiefs" right before winning the Beard award for Best Chef Great Lakes.

The Girl and the Goat's unprecedented small plates is what got it nominated for best new restaurant by the James Beard Foundation. It's globally infused bold flavors and international wine selection makes it hard to stay away from this cozy family establishment.

At the same time, Duck Duck Goat will not be overlooked/disregarded without a visit to this innovative Chinese restaurant. With it's elaborate modern culturally themed decorations, this dinner hot spot is a site for sore eyes. 


Korean-American food mashes with a beautiful combo of a rustic and mid-century modern interior. The decor has you feeling at peace while you're able to enjoy the uniquely crafted and culturally intertwined menu. Plan on leaving having tried something new.


Looking for something funky and (hipster in Logan Square?) in the zip code of the land of the hipsters? Look no further, Giant is the right pick. With seasonal New American dishes, this local art hub will leave you pining for their new twist on basic American dishes. 

The Duck Inn:

Enter The Duck Inn for a classy retro feel to a diverse amount of creatively put together duck and pig dishes.   Their American dishes will have you perplexed about how one can come up with these delectable mixes of ingredients. 

Eating at these top dinner restaurants in downtown Chicago allows one to get a little taste of Chicago, one bite at a time. Before you know it, you will slowly be getting in on the in and outs of Chicago's cuisine scene. Let us know your scoop on any of these restaurants that you try. Happy eating and celebrating new chapters of life, here is to a new year and new places to venture!