Growing up in the suburbs is very fun for me, but it is even better when my family decides to take little field trips downtown. While the drive is usually less than an hour, we only go down around once a month. However, it is hard when people ask for restaurant recommendations for their family because I have so much to say regarding the city. Take my word for these and go out and visit Chicago as soon as you can. 

1. Kuma’s Corner

This is the best burger joint in Chicago. Having the fam there for support will help alleviate the stress of the endless amounts of options on the menu. Bonus: since the menu is so overwhelming with goodness, having the extra people there means getting a bite off of everyone's plate.

What to order: Led Zeppelin Burger

2. Hub 51

A very classic and trendy restaurant that gives off an eclectic vibe. It is a great place to celebrate a graduation or other special occasions and be surrounded by a very friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the menu is very diverse which helps in pleasing everyone in the family.

What to order: Nachos

3. Roots

What’s better than pizza and salad? Absolutely nothing. The make-your-own salad option is perfect for any family and the homemade pizza is absolutely incredible. Additionally, right next to it is a homemade bakery packed with assorted flavors of cake balls and cupcakes. Did I mention Roots’ logo is a handprint with a heart? Need I say more?

What to order: BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

4. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

Not only does my family splurge on getting the famous pizza grinders freshly flipped on your plate when you order, but we feast on appetizers too. This restaurant will create an inseparable bond with your family through comfort food and pleasure as the pizza is not your ordinary triangle slices.

What to order: Classic Cheese Pizza Pot Pie

5. Quartino’s

Such a fun and homey atmosphere as the Italian food feels fresh out of my mother’s kitchen. It’s almost like I can order whenever and whatever as the food just keeps coming. I swear, my stomach grew when I ate here - my parents probably weren’t too happy when all I wanted to do was order everything on the menu.

What to orderPappardelle al Sugo di Manzo

6. Sabatino’s

What I love about this place is that I almost have to go with my family. We go so often that the faces of the Italian servers there light up when they see us. This restaurant is the gift that keeps on giving. First, comes the pizza bread, then the soup, then the salad, then the regular bread and oh wait, did you order your meal yet? The food here makes me so happy because I know it is never ending.

What to order: Pasta alla Vodka

7. La Scarola

The small little hole in the wall restaurant that greets you like they haven’t seen you in months. This comfy dinner place is decorated like a middle-class dining room with framed pictures and paintings on the wall. The food comes out with smiles on the servers faces as they want nothing but for you and your family to enjoy your meal.

What to order: Cheese Lasagna

8. Star of Siam

The best Thai you could ask for. Thai is that kind of food that you and your family go after a long week and just need some bonding time. The food is incredible and the center of the restaurant has cushions on the ground to sit in so you really feel comfortable and quaint.

What to order: Pad Thai 

9. Pequod’s

Whoever said NYC pizza was the best just flat out lied to you. This deep dish pizza brings families closer together as they bring out this big, cheesy, thick pizza to your table. After getting pizza, stop by the Lincoln Park Zoo with your family to end the night the right way.

What to order: Sausage Pan Pizza

10. Jellyfish

One of the most modern restaurants my family has ever been to. Packed with dark blue and light blue lights and patterned walls we wanted to take our food to-go just to explore the room. This seafood restaurant not only has a cool theme to it, but the presentations of their food tastes as good as they look. It's also an incredible place to go with your family so they can help you take cool pictures for your Instagram. 

What to order: Black Diamond sushi roll

While Chicago consists of numerous delicious restaurants, these choices are simply the best to go to with your family. The car ride home will consist of rating everyone's choice of food and the yummy memories. Do yourself a favor and go eat up!