There is a time as a college student when you can no longer stand dining hall food. You get sick of the dry meat, sad salads, and the cereal you end up eating for dinner most nights. So, just open up your phone and look for that red colored app that saves all of us college students: Grubhub.  

Margaret Dude

1. Calios

Lily Sackman

Calios will always be there for you. It always satisfies any craving you have and fills you up. They have an infinite amount of calzone flavors and you can even create your own. Some popular calzones include the Buffalo Chicken Calzone, the CBR (Chicken Bacon Ranch) Calzone, and my all time favorite: the Mac N Cheese Calzone. It is also the perfect meal after a night out at DJs.

2. Asian Palace

Margaret Dude

If you are craving Chinese food, this is the place to order from. It is always a journey finding your favorite Chinese restaurant and I ordered from about 3 places before finding ~the one~. Their egg rolls are massive and they have "combination platters," which includes a meat or fish dish, your choice of fried rice, and an egg roll or salad. Plus, all the platters come around $8, which is a great deal! My personal favorite is the General Tso's Chicken Combination Platter, but also a fan-favorite is the Sweet and Sour Chicken.

3. Original Grain 

Margaret Dude

Original Grain is the restaurant for you if you are craving a fresh and healthy meal. Not only are the menu items aesthetically pleasing, but also they are delicious. Before you rip apart your meal, take a picture of your Smashed Avocado Toast, California Club, or your very own Poke Bowl you created. Whatever you order will leave you full and satisfied, but also maybe inspire you to go to Ernie and do some cardio.

4. Insomnia Cookie

peanut butter, peanut, butter, chocolate
Hanna Cornelius

If you have a sweet tooth, then Insomnia will always be your go-to. It is open 'til 3AM, so if you have a midnight craving or need a snack break while studying late at Bird, just open the Grubhub app, order, and you will have warm, homemade cookies in your mouth in under an hour. I'm "basic" and love the chocolate chip cookies; however, Insomnia not only sells cookies but pints of ice cream, cookie sandwiches with either ice cream or icing in the middle, and cookie cakes that have captions such as "Happy Birthday" or "Bite Me" ;).

5. The Distillery

bacon, juicy, vsco, hand, bun, cheese, lettuce, fita, Dinner, cheeseburger, burger
Katie Kasperson

This may not be a common restaurant you hear about in Syracuse, however if you are craving some sports bar food, order from here. They have a wide range of options, so you and your friends will all find something you love. My favorites include Loaded Potato Skins, Chicken Tenders, and when I'm craving a good juicy burger, I get the Bacon-Cheddar Burger. It is way better than any burger you can build at the dining hall.

All of these restaurants are listed as my "go-to," which means two things: I spend way too much money on food and I have had great experiences with all of these restaurants. They have timely delivery, so the food is still hot and fresh-tasting. Whenever you have had a bad day or just want to treat yourself, order from these 5 restaurants on the my favorite app, Grubhub.