Doesn’t it just brighten your day when the latte you ordered comes with a foam-shaped heart? Do you feel the need to take a photo so that all of your Instagram followers know you were a little bit more loved that day? Well, if you answered yes to these questions, then you should definitely try Grace Coffee Co.

Located on State St. with a cute front porch staircase, Grace welcomes Madison locals, as well as out-of-towners, with open arms. After devouring numerous items on their food menu, and gushing to my friends about my dirty chai tea latte (topped with a heart, of course), I realized I should offer the top five reasons why Grace is the place to be.

1. Food - Sweet or Salty?

Grace's simple menu doesn’t leave customers scrambling to decide. For me, the second I saw the Açaí bowl, I immediately placed my order. From berries and bananas to coconut and homemade granola, the Açaí bowls satisfy my sweet cravings. Grace tops off their bowls with a sweetened condensed milk and honey drizzle. You can also add peanut butter or Nutella, or you can order their seasonal special (a pumpkin Açaí bowl -- my personal favorite).

Their avocado toast should definitely win an award for appearance. The thick and fluffy slice of bread is topped with mashed avocado, balsamic glaze, sesame seeds and an egg, causing everyone entering the shop to inadvertently stare at the table next to them. Grace also offers both savory and sweet crêpes. Yes, you heard me correctly — crêpes. Whether you get the fruit, veggie, or egg option, the rich taste will certainly fill you up.

2. Booze - Feeling Boozy?

Grace Coffee Co., though sounding a little deceiving while implying coffee in the name, can be a great option for a Saturday morning Boozy brunch. While their orange or grapefruit mimosas are phenomenal drinks of choice, I would recommend getting the boozy berry lemonade. This drink is tasty, refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. Grace also offers wine spritzers with numerous flavor options, and their cocktails are sold at low prices, with their most expensive drink being $8.00. Relax, have a drink (if you're of age of course!), and maybe even order a crêpe to go with it. Cheers.

3. Coffee - Feeling tired?

In my opinion, Grace's coffee is unmatched. I mean, as soon as you walk into the shop you see a glowing sign that reads, “But first, coffee.” They're not kidding around about their desire to offer a location where locals and students can drink flavorful drinks with artsy designs. The employees at the register will even help you decide what to get when you're feeling indecisive. If you're freezing cold but don’t want to give up on fall, they might suggest ordering the lavender, honey and cinnamon latte.

If you're not in the mood for coffee, Grace also has an extensive tea menu. I mean, like really extensive. You can order green pomegranate, summer peach, or even caramelized pear herbal tea. The 32 oz. tea pot allows all the time in the world to sit down and relax.

4. Study Spot - Need to Ditch the Library?

The inspirational quotes on the walls and the artsy aesthetic of Grace is what draws in local students. The relaxing scene and soft background music offers a perfect study spot with a mix of seating options. Whether you want to look out the window and do homework alone on the stools, sit at a table with a friend while noshing on an Açaí bowl, or sit at the communal table to work on a group project, Grace offers a variety of choices. The motivational glow up signs on the walls will help you dismiss your study stress by boosting you to “Be-YOU-tiful.”

5. Pet Friendly - Miss Your Dog?

Nobody can miss the two fluffy life-sized teddy bears that roam around the coffee shop. The owners bring in their two Bernese Mountain Dogs: the gigantic Pablo and the adorable puppy Diego. The impressively trained dogs act like they own Grace as they roam around to greet the customers. Their presence in itself is a reason to pop into Grace and give it a try. Pablo and Diego will never fail to make your day a little bit better.

These five reasons to go to Grace Coffee Co. are just a fraction of what I wanted to rave about. Give it a try, and I promise you will leave with your heart a little fuller.