The temperature is continuing to rise and everyone is leaving the house ten minutes early to put one of many cool summer drinks in his or her hand. Next to a purse or backpack, it is the number two accessory for summertime. Why not make cooling off a little more fun? Check out these summer drinks that would be so much better with a little liquor in them:

Summer Drinks

1. Dunkin’ Doughnuts Arnold Palmer Coolatta– Add Limoncello

2. Starbucks iced mocha Frappuccino – Add Kahlua

3. Coconut water (any flavor, but especially pineapple) – Add Malibu (and a slice of pineapple)

4. Iced tea (any flavor) – Add Peach Schnapps

5. Frozen lemonade – Add Absolut Citron or, to make another version of an Arnold Palmer, add Fire Fly or Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka

6. Iced coffee – Add Fireball

7. Chocolate milkshake – Add Bailey’s

8. Limeade – Add tequila

If you have a bit more time to kick back, mix up one of these tropical summer drinks or even better, turn your drink into a popsicle with these recipes! 

Summer Drinks