Messy hair, a pounding headache and absolutely no recollection of what happened the night before — we’ve all been there. Hangovers definitely aren’t fun, but if I’ve learned anything as a college student, it’s that having a satisfying meal is the perfect cure.

Below I've highlighted the top four Madison restaurants that will undoubtedly cure your hangover. 

1. Mickies Dairy Bar

This old-fashioned restaurant serves large portions of breakfast food in their comfortable, intimate environment filled with communal tables and barstool seats. “Yanks” are Mickie’s famous fried potatoes, and these are served in their signature dish, the Scrambler. The Scrambler consists of “yanks,” three scrambled eggs, one omelet ingredient, one cheese and gravy with a side of toast for just $7.50. 

2. Short Stack Eatery

No matter what time you wake up, Short Stack’s 24/7 weekend hours and breakfast-only menu make this diner a unique spot for your “morning after” meal. The “Trio” allows customers to choose three items from the menu, such as pancakes, breakfast meat, breakfast potatoes and more for $11.00. If you’re trying to cure your hangover by continuing to drink, make sure to try their 25-ingredient Bloody Mary. 

3. Bassett Street Brunch Club

Brunch and homemade donuts — what sounds better than that? Bassett Street Brunch Club offers an assortment of interesting breakfast and brunch options, such as their breakfast nachos with braised chicken and two eggs over easy. After brunch, satisfy your sweet tooth with a maple bacon or glazed donut, made fresh each and every day. 

4. The Old Fashioned

Described as the “breakfast of champions,” this Wisconsin-themed tavern serves beer battered cheese curds and daily egg or pancake specials for breakfast. Get a real taste of Wisconsin with the Huevos rancheros, which includes Green Bay Style Chili. Other dishes include the breakfast sandwich and sour cream donuts from Greenbush Bakery.

These are only four of the many restaurants around Madison that offer big, greasy meals to cure your hangover. Make sure to visit these breakfast spots when you’re feeling tired and need a pick-me-up. Wisconsin knows how to drink, but we also know how to eat.