Those who know me well are very aware that the moment I set foot in any city, the first thing I seek is a delectable dessert place. Living in Providence for almost a year, I've gradually gotten to know more about the heavenly delicacies of this quaint city. So, to commemorate my first year living in this student foodie heaven, I will dedicate this article to my top four favorite desserts shops in Providence (listed in no particular order).

Pastiche Fine Desserts

Pastiche is an all-time classic. This was the first café I visited in Providence, and I simply cannot resist returning again and again. Located at the heart of the historic Federal Hill, Pastiche is the perfect peaceful getaway from the city center's chaos and the constant buzz of college life — whether for a brief retreat or an afternoon of studying.

The fruit tart here is a must-get. With layers of seasonal fresh fruit on top of vanilla custard inscribed in a buttery tart, the creation is simply heavenly. No matter the season, the fruits are neither overwhelming nor bland. How they manage to pick the perfect fruits has always been a mystery to me! The gentle scent of the vanilla custard on the bottom perfectly accompanies the layers of freshness, and enhances the flavor of the fruits.

Knead Donuts

Before Knead, I didn't know that donuts could be so good. Passing through a very narrow door into a minimalistic yet beautifully decorated open space, this little donut shop is truly a hidden treasure. What’s even better? They have unlimited coffee refills for the duration of your stay.

Let me repeat: unlimited. coffee. refills.

The donut I got the last time I was there was passion fruit-flavored. As a huge fan of passion fruit in anything, this donut is my one true match. The passion fruit glaze that encompasses the donut is a combination of sour and sweet. The slightly more acidic taste is then matched with the tender texture of the donut, striking a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

As someone who usually doesn’t like donuts because of their sweetness, I was completely rocked by Knead's creation. And, as you relish in this incredibly luscious delight, you can also watch the people making them! Talk about dinner and a show!

Aleppo Sweets

Aleppo is perfect in every sense — from decoration, to location, to (most importantly) the many many many variations of baklava.

To introduce Aleppo Sweets, I must begin with their story. The café's owner, Youssef, has always had one passion — making baklava. Having begun at the age of 16, he owned his first bakery at 24 with his brother and father. However, because of the Syrian Civil War, Youssef’s bakery was entirely demolished. Escaping from their home in Aleppo, Youssef and his family first arrived in Turkey and were later accepted as refugees in the United States. Here in Providence, he is once again pursuing his passion for baking, and opened his first restaurant in the U.S. this past February.

My favorite baklava variation is the purse baklava. Made with whole pistachios, these delicacies have a satisfying crunchiness. The nutty taste of the pistachios is combined with the incredibly fluffy pastry and tossed in orange blossom water for a simply magical result. It's unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before.

Silver Star Bakery

My most recent discovery, Silver Star Bakery, is straight out of a film. Simply being here fulfills my dream of visiting Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. It's small and cozy, yet has so many delicious options to choose from. It is the perfect place to grab a warm coffee, have some pastries, and strike up a conversation with a local or the owner. It feels just as welcoming as Luke's Diner.

As one of the only Portuguese bakeries in Providence, this place has all that you need for a fun afternoon of satiating your sweet tooth. “You need to try everything in here, everything is so good,” exclaimed a regular customer as she passionately showed me all her favorites during my last visit. Clearly, a bakery that can inspire such passion simply cannot disappoint.

My favorite so far has been the egg tart. The custard is so creamy and flavorful that it'll leave you in bliss the entire day after trying it. It's sweetness is the perfect level to bring great joy to any dull day. For my next visit, I cannot wait to try the coconut muffin, as the owner proudly recommended it as her favorite.

If you are ever in Providence, be sure to visit any of these places. There is no doubt that their heavenly delicacies will absolutely rock your world. Who knows? They may just make you return to this city that I have grown to love, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth over and over again.

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