If you haven't ventured down Greenville lately, you may not have noticed the new space that opened about a month ago on the corner of Ross. Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is truly incredible. A carb-filled innovation. Heaven on a plate. I wish I had thought of it.

What this restaurant offers is toast. Not average toast, but delicious spreads on all types on thick, homemade bread. If Toasted Coffee + Kitchen isn't in your routine yet, I can give you ten solid reasons why it should be. 

sweet, chocolate, cream
Nicole Cohen

1) Free Wifi

You might see this and think it seems obvious, but there's nothing worse than finding a great place to study and realizing there's no internet access.

2) Their Limited Menu

Their initial limited menu was literally TWELVE types of toast. I walked in my first time and my jaw dropped. It's a lot of toast.

cheese, toast, dairy product, cake, cream, strawberry
Nicole Cohen

3) The Fun Names

The people who put Toasted together clearly put a lot of thought into their menu, when they came up with punny names for every single toast such as "ricotta be kidding," "bee yourself," and "coma-toast" to name a few. 

4) Speaking of...

The owner is always around (and is super cool). He described the feel of the restaurant to me as a “California concept,” complete with the spacious, industrial feel of the expansive room. His wife also went to SMU, and they’re thrilled so many students have found the place. Pony up.

Nicole Cohen

5) The Drinks

I had never had a cinnamon toast crunch latte before this, and now I would drink one every day. Yes, more toast. Believe it, live it, love it. 

6) The Bread

I mentioned it before, but the homemade, perfectly crisped toast can't be emphasized enough. Their honey wheat and country breads are superb and you can't go wrong with either. Toppings can only be as good as the base, and in this case, Toasted Coffee + Kitchen has it nailed.

Kailey Goerlitz

7) Gluten FREE

That's right, Toasted has been working out recipes of gluten free bread! All of your gluten free friends who have been posting passive aggressive comments on your toast instas can finally experience the beauty for themselves. Trust me, this is a big deal. Now everyone can visit and love Toasted, regardless of their gluten tolerance.

8) The Extended Menu

I thought the limited menu was incredible already, but I won't say there weren't some mornings I could have used some eggs. Toasted Coffee + Kitchen has managed to capitalize on almost every bread use there is, like eggs in jail, grilled cheese with a side of tomato basil soup, and french toast roll-ups. Anything you could dream up is yours. 

sweet, coffee, cream, jam
Nicole Cohen

9) Avo Toast

I know it's overdone, but there's something about seeing three variations of avocado toast on a menu that just makes me smile. Avo-ca-damn, am I right? (note: the avo-ca-damn is avocado slices and siracha on rye bread)

10) The Space

Finally, the space is great for studying, with a very open feel and lots of seating, not to mention a cozy upstairs filled with tables that seem like they were made for finals week. Needless to say, I spent mine there. 

Nicole Cohen

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen has already replaced many of my typical study spots. I have been living off of their amazing breakfasts, and because the giant slices of toast are available for as little as $4, I have no regrets when it comes to becoming a frequent customer. Also, I have been told that a lot more is to come, with tweaks to the menu and drinks. Stop by Toasted Coffee + Kitchen when school starts back up, I can promise you won't regret it. Plus, you can almost always spot me at the upstairs corner table.