Putnam’s juice bar is one of the many reasons people come to the dining hall. The juice bar carries a variety of fruits and vegetables that can be blended with a juice of your choice. It is hard sometimes to decide what you want in your creation, so here are some tips on getting the perfect blend.

Yutin Zhao

1. Add Either Kale or Spinach

Both Kale and Spinach can contain lots of nutrients and fiber without adding an unpleasant flavor to the juice. The color may not be the best, but the taste is still just as good.

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Kristine Mahan

2. Make Juice with half-water and half-fruit Juice

The juices can contain lots of sugar as it is usually made of fruit and fruit juice. The high sugar contents in the drink can be similar to that of soda.

To cut down on sugar consumption while maintaining a slight sweetness, bring a half- filled cup of water and ask for half-water, and half the juice of your choice. If you prefer no juice and just water, I recommend no ice for more flavor.

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Jocelyn Hsu

3. Add a Banana 

Bananas have fiber and antioxidants which can benefit our health. On top of these great benefits, they also add a creamier texture to the juice. Simply, peel a banana, rip it into smaller pieces, and add to cup.

Jocelyn Hsu

4. Add a Booster 

Putnam's Juice Bar offers Green Blend, Antioxidant, Pea-Based Protein, and Energy Boosters that can be added to juice for free. Try adding one for more flavor or benefits.

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Allison Wojtowecz

5. Bring Juice on the Go

If you do not have time to sit down and enjoy the juice with a meal, bring your own cup or bottle and take it to go. It is free and healthier than smoothies at Freshens.

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Yutin Zhao

6. When Ordering Remember...

Keep track of what blender your juice is being made in to ensure you are getting your juice, especially during busy hours.

If you want no ice in your drink, mention it before because many times employees will have the ice already put into the blender, as most people want ice.

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Yutin Zhao

7. Recommended Juice Combinations:

Spinach, Mango, Peach, 1/2 Guava Juice, 1/2 water, Green Blend

Raspberry, Pineapple, Mango, Apple or Guava Juice

Kale, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cranberry Juice

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Anna Hirschorn

Happy juicing, Huskies!