"Organic", "locally-sourced", and "made from scratch" probably aren't the first words that come to mind when you think of the South Bend food scene. But, The Outside Scoop, located on the corner of Jefferson and Michigan in downtown South Bend, serves up organic ice cream with a twist.

How it started:

Brother-sister duo Nalani and Carsten Stolz, along with their mother Maureen Wijnen, were working at the Purple Porch co- op when they decided they wanted to turn their interest in sustainability and their passion for organic food into a family business that would serve the local community. The trio built a mobile cart complete with a solar-powered freezer that they could easily bike to wherever they needed to go.

Emily Cline

They hope to bring people together downtown to enjoy their homemade treats during the sweltering summer months, and in May of this year The Outside Scoop made that a reality. You can find Carsten manning the cart most of the time serving up their organic ice cream, and Maureen baking the cookies for their Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.

The Flavors:

Nalani makes all of the unique flavors herself, using local ingredients sourced from the Purple Porch to craft interesting flavors like Lavender and Espresso Chip.

Emily Cline

I was lucky enough to try their most popular ice cream Mountain Top, a ridiculously creamy yet refreshing combination of blackberry, goat cheese, and honey. Each item on their menu has a short and readable ingredient list, with local heavy cream, organic vanilla, and sea salt comprising a few of the most common feel-good ingredients.

Nalani wanted to create flavors that were accessible yet unique. She uses locally grown herbs like lavender and thyme to add unique flavor to her ice creams without overpowering their homemade sweetness. Espresso Chip is made with coffee beans from Zen Cafe Coffee Roasters, another South Bend business committed to sustainability and transparency when it comes to their ingredients.

Where can I get some?

The midwest has been experiencing some extremely unseasonable heat lately, so cool off with a unique dessert and support a local business! The Outside Scoop will be open downtown Tuesday-Sunday from noon to 7pm while the weather is still nice.

The cart will also be giving away ice cream at the main branch of the Notre Dame Credit Union on the north side of campus on Friday, October 6th from 11am to 1pm. Don't miss out on your chance to get a taste of some delicious, organic South Bend ice cream!

Emily Cline