Mac and cheese is probably the ultimate comfort food. It's gooey, cheesy goodness always hits the spot, so when you find a place that makes bomb mac and cheese, you cherish it. That's what my friends and I did when we discovered as sweet spot called Mac N' Out. During our very first visit, we knew we found a real gem and the crown of mac and cheese restaurants.

How It Came About

Mac N' Out opened it's first location in Milford back in 2013. Owner Kate Voll was inspired by conversations with her three sisters about opening a restaurant that only made mac and cheese. With a degree in finance and experience in her parents' food establishments, Kate pushed through with the idea, and Mac N' Out was born

What You Can Get

Mac N' Out sports a large menu with 20 types of mac and cheese. You can get the classic Grandma's Mac made with white cheddar and American cheese, you can spice things up with Cajun Mac, or you can be patriotic with 4th of July Mac. The possibilities are nearly endless, and there's something for everyone's flavor palette. 

In addition to the regular mac and cheese menu, there is a seasonal menu with flavors matching the time of year. In November, you'll find turkey and cranberries in your mac, while in February you may find the Heart Attack Mac with lots of bacon. Mac N' Out's current seasonal menu for June is called "Beach Party Menu." On it you can find the Aloha Mac consisting of cheddar cheese, ham, and crushed pineapple topped with macadamia nuts. There's also a Caribbean Mac with coconut shrimp and fontina topped with homemade marmalade and toasted coconut. Or if you're not feeling a bowl of mac, you can get the Summer Bites, which are deep fried mac and cheese balls made with cilantro and fresh lime with a sour cream dipping sauce. Talk about yum.

Estefania Pulgarin-Duque

But wait, there's more. The menu also includes "Mac Munchies" which include the Mac Dog (deep fried hot dog smothered with mac and cheese), Mac Panini (deep fried mac and cheese with marinara sauce on pressed white bread), Mac Jalapeños (mac and cheese stuffed jalapeños with chili sour cream), Mac Bites (deep fried mac and cheese balls with marinara sauce and shredded cheese), and Chili Mac Spring Rolls (chili mac and cheese in a crispy spring roll). There are also two salads on the menu, the Mac N Out Garden Salad and the Mac N Out Caesar Salad (neither of which actually have any mac and cheese).

Why It's So Amazing

Melissa Paredes

I have never been disappointed with Mac N Out. Every time I go, I try to order something different, so I'd say I've tried a good portion of the menu. The customer service is great and the workers are always kind, patient, and willing to provide recommendations. You can also get gluten-free mac!

Milana Yemelyanova

Something I love about Mac N Out is their fun sizes. You can get a mini for one serving, mid for 2 servings, or the intimidating Mac N Out size which serves 3-4. I always got a mini because I was so afraid of the other sizes (that's a lot of mac), but some of my friends were fans of the mid.

Another enticing factor of Mac N Out is their loyalty card. The more you eat at Mac N Out, the more points you get. You get a point for every dollar you spend and the average mini mac will cost around $8, so you can rack up those points fairly quickly. There are 4 loyalty levels (silver, gold, platinum, and black). When you reach each level you get a gift certificate with the silver being $10 for 320 points and the black being $100 for 1,000 points! I'm sure my friends and I racked up enough points with all our visits. 

Where You Can Get Some

Mac N Out currently has two locations in Fairfield County, the Milford location on Post Road and the Bridgeport location on Beechmont Avenue. Most of my visits were to the Bridgeport location. It's small and there isn't much seating room, so keep that in mind, but it's wonderful all the same. My last visit to Mac N Out before graduation was to the Milford location. It's more spacious, with more seating, and your food will be served on a cute skillet if you choose to dine in.

Melissa Paredes

Some of my best food memories during my college years are Mac N Out related. I won't forget when my best friend ordered a Mac N Out sized Pizza Mac and the cashier wanted to make sure that she knew how big it was. Or the many bus trips we took just to get our hands on some delicious mac. Or how many times we sat in a room watching movies and eating Mac N Out leftovers.

Milana Yemelyanova

This mac and cheese spot is definitely worth checking out. So if you're in the Fairfield County area, be sure to stop by and try some of the best mac and cheese you will ever have in your life. If you're not in the area but still in the New England region here are some restaurants you can check out in New York City and Boston. What are some of your favorite mac and cheese restaurants?